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shameless plug

Oh hey guys! Two days in a row, I'm on tops of things right?! Not really... haha

So today's post is basically so I can tell you all about my upcoming trip to Haiti!

     I am incredibly excited for how the Lord is going to work in my life, the lives of the freshman going on the trip, and the lives of our sweet Haitian friends! I had the opportunity to go to the Northwest region of Haiti last Spring Break with the Wesley Foundation. It was life changing--and that's putting it lightly. The second I got home I was ready to go back! Thankfully, I have the chance to go AGAIN this Spring Break! I am super excited about reuniting with the people I became friends with last year while we were there and also about making new friends, forming new relationships. The people I met in Haiti have forever changed my heart.

     On the trip last year we held a youth conference for the students in town. On the last day of the conference we gave a sex talk. We spoke about what the Bible tells us about sex, how it is to be viewed and valued, the sacredness of the marriage bed, etc. Right after this we broke up into guys and girls to further discuss what we had heard. In this time I got to share my testimony with the Haitian girls. Through a translator I shared how I had been betrayed by the church, taken advantage of by an employee of the church, and broken to the core. Now, if you've never heard my testimony please don't jump to conclusions and if you'd like to hear the details just ask me, I'd be happy to share the story God has given me! Anyway, these girls saw my sincerity and began to see me as human just like them, rather than some perfect American girl (that's generally their view of us). My vulnerability broke down walls and allowed me get real with the girls. I didn't know it at the time, but this among other things was leading me to hear the calling God placed on my life. About six months after the trip the Lord called me to girl's ministry. It is CRAZY how God works. He was preparing me for ministry for years and I had no idea.

I share that to portray just how remarkable this trip was and how God used it for His glory above all else. Now for the shameless plug...

     The trip costs $2000 and so far I have raised about 35% of that. We leave in TWENTY-EIGHT days (AHHHH) and I'm stoked. I am fully trusting that the Lord will provide my way for this trip! With that said, I'd be honored if you would be able to financially contribute to my trip! If you are interested in donating you can go to this link www.ttuwesley.org/meredith-moorman-donate/ and contribute online! If you'd rather write a check or send cash, comment below and I can get the information for you! Thank you so much for even reading all of this! I wouldn't be able to go on all these mission trips without the support of my friends and family!

     Lastly, whether you are able to support me monetarily or not, I need your PRAYERS! Please please PLEASE be in prayer for me and my team! Specifically pray that we would not stand in the way of what God wants to do in Haiti and that we might be apart of what He is doing!! Thank you so much!

Peace & Blessings!

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