Hello Sweet Cheer: Hut-to-Hut Evangelism


Hut-to-Hut Evangelism

Today I'm going to keep my promise and continue posting about Haiti!

Of the four mornings our groups went out and did ministry in surrounding villages, one day we did what we call, "hut-to-hut evangelism". That's just a big term for knocking on doors, praying for people and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead our time with them. Within my small group of nine we split into groups of three! My group consisted of myself, Marie Hefley and Josh Portillo. We walked around, knocked on doors and just asked people if we could pray for them. We asked if we could see their home and proceeded to pray over them inside. We usually made a point to be inside while speaking the name of Jesus. These people deal heavily with voodoo. We wanted to make sure and declare Jesus in their homes and rebuke Satan in their lives.

This is was one of my favorite days! Although it was tough and much of the time I was nervous about it, I loved it. In my mind evangelism isn't really my strength. But when I allowed the Holy Spirit to work and speak through me He worked in huge ways! There was one property we stumbled upon where no one was home. There were three different huts, a kitchen, a home and what seemed to be a smaller hut maybe for a second family or relative. The three of us decided we still needed to pray for those people. We prayer walked the entire property speaking Christ's name over the homes. I just had this overwhelming feeling that we needed to rebuke Satan and send him back to the pits. So that's what we did and the Holy Spirit was so present! After that we walked into a small area with about 4 or 5 homes next to each other. We spoke to a woman and her husband and got to see their precious young baby. She was only about 8-10 months old if I remember correctly. We prayed over their family and specifically over the baby who was so precious! She was sleeping when we were there and didn't even wake up when we were talking and praying so close to her. What a precious little soul! They invited us to sit down, we read a book about Easter to them (even though it was for kids, I think they enjoyed it!) and we just shared about our lives and they got to shared about theirs. It was so cool, they wanted to know all about us, where we're from and what our lives are like back home! We told them about Texas and even showed them a picture on Josh's phone of the "haboob" we experienced in Lubbock recently. My heart was SO filled with joy in those moments! This is truly what the body of Christ should look like. Getting to know each other, learned about our different cultures and interceding on behalf of our brothers and sisters.

After that we were running out of time and began walking back to the "tap tap". That's just a funny term for a truck with a HUGE bed in the back with benches attached to the sides. We rode in the tap tap everywhere we went. On our way back to the group Marie looked up and saw a flag pole with a green flag and purple flag waving. She asked our translator Rose if that was a sign of voodoo. Rose said, "Yes, that's the witch doctor, do you want to go in there?" My immediate reaction was, "HECK NO, I'm not going in there!" but before I could even say anything Josh said, "Let's do it!" So we went in. Needless to say, I was not very excited. First when we got there no one was home. Boy was I relieved! I was thinking, "Okay great, let's go!" but just when we were about to prayer walk the property guess who walks up... the witch doctor. Cool. At this point my closed off attitude turned into, "Um, okay God, I don't know what to do now... Take the reigns!" So the three of us started talking to him and it basically turned into this heated, theological debate. I was feeling discouraged because I knew this was not what we were here to do and this was not the way to show Christ to this man. We prayed over him and told him we were actually pretty late now, and we needed to leave. We thanked him for his time and told him we would continue to be in prayer for him. Just as I turned my head to leave I saw crowds and crowds of Haitians standing on the perimeter of this man's property. These people had just watched us talk to, pray for and STAND UP to the witch doctor. Wow.

Something you need to understand about Haiti is that voodoo and Satan are things they fear. In turn, they tend to fear the witch doctor and do what he says so that Satan will leave them alone. This is REAL stuff and Satan is at work in that country. What they don't understand fully is how much BIGGER God is than Satan. They love God and worship him, but they worship Satan just to appease him. In Haiti, in the northwest region, in this specific village, NO ONE stands up to the witch doctor. These precious people had just witnessed Jesus-loving people telling the witch doctor that his practices are wrong. I can't express to you how much that one encounter could have meant to that village. They saw us standing up to him, and I guarantee after we left they thought twice about voodoo. We were able to go in there and display through our actions what it means to worship God and God alone, and stand confident in that.

It really is incredible to be part of an experience like that! When my flesh said "no", my heart was skeptical, and even my mind said, "This is not effective." the Lord WORKED. He showed up big and it's difficult to put into words what that feels like! God is so cool, my friends! Get to know Him, He'll blow your mind :)

Sorry for the INCREDIBLY lengthy post today, I just felt like there was A LOT to say about hut-to-hut evangelism in Haiti. In fact, I could have written more! Also, sorry for the lack of pictures this post, we weren't exactly taking tons of snapshots during evangelism! Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!

Peace & Blessings!


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