Hello Sweet Cheer: June 2012


Modest is Hottest

Yep.. I'm gonna talk about modesty.

(the pictures in this post are strictly for comic relief and have nothing to do with the topic, enjoy!)

For two reasons…

1) Modesty is an active part of day to day life as a young woman striving to be more like Christ.
2) The Bible is clear about FLEEING from sexual sin. (1 Corinthians 6:18)

My dog Zoe. Basking in the sunshine.

     Everyday I walk on this Earth in hopes of bringing glory to God in who I am.  Who I am.  That means, the things I say, the thoughts I think, the actions I take and the way I dress.  That's not an exhaustive list but it's what I want to focus on.  If who I am is bringing glory to God than I am acting, dressing, speaking and thinking in a way that not only honors God but in a way that might spur others on to honor Him in their lives.  Are you with me?  If that is what I live to do, bring honor and glory to God, than the way I dress myself IS and MUST be important.
     It is SO incredibly easy to wake up in the morning, dress myself in a way that I KNOW guys will want to see, and walk around all day talking about how I live for Christ.  In reality though, that's classic case of talking the talk without walking the walk.

Jamie from One Tree Hill. Dressed up all silly-like.

     I was at J&B Coffee a few days ago, a local coffee shop in town, studying for a test.  I was sitting at a table right across from two college aged guys.  At one point while I was there, I looked up and saw a young girl (late high school/early college aged) who was beautiful and fit, walk in to the shop.  She was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of very short white shorts.  It's summer so she was pretty tan and it's hot outside so she was wearing shorts.  The second she walked up to the door, not even inside yet, the guys were already staring at her.  Once inside, their eyes followed her body from the door to the coffee bar, and back out the door.  Without a single word, she caught the FULL attention of these guys.  Now, I'm not here to shake my finger and tell you to start wearing more turtle necks.  I'm also not here to say that men are pigs.  That's simply not going to encourage anyone.

And this is just funny. #wisdomteethprobz

     The point I want to make is that as much as we talk about modesty, how it's important and that we need to look out for our brothers in the way we dress ourselves, many MANY times I think we don't believe that.  Or maybe we just forget it.  I wanted to share that story because it illustrates just how much control women have over mens eyes when we dress in a way that draws attention to things only designed for our husbands to see.  Honestly, I struggle with this too!  Some days I just want to show off my body.  Some people would say, "If you got it, flaunt it." or "You're an independent young woman and you should be able to dress however you want!".  But in reality, that is an incredibly selfish way of thinking.  If you desire to be respected you must first respect yourself.  When guys see girls dressed provocatively, I can bet they aren't thinking, "...what an intelligent, respectable young woman…" Most likely they're thinking, "…I know what she's looking for…"  Ladies, when we go out dressed to attract eyes to our bodies, we send a message that we are looking for something.  We send a message that we aren't fulfilled in our relationship with Christ and that we desire fulfillment from men.

And this is for the sake of #throwbackthursday

     I could go on for a long time.  But I would rather not bore you.  My challenge to you is this, be mindful of the clothes you wear and the way you wear them.  Take a step back and do some observing.  You'll see what I saw that day in the coffee shop.  We as women need to think first of the people who will see us dressed the way we are.  Think of the future wives of the men who might look at your body.  Think of your future husband, whose belongings have been displayed to the world.  It might not be very fun to wear a one piece now, but I promise your husband will thank you one day for being set apart.

And this too.

     I hope I didn't bring anyone down with this!  If you've made mistakes in your past or haven't lived modestly before, please know that you can be forgiven and start new in Christ.  It's never been more appropriate than now to say, better late than never!  I make mistakes daily and we are never going to be perfect, but with Jesus we can do better!

Peace & blessings,



To my Daddy - the only man who holds my heart!

Today is Father's Day.

Every day I'm thankful for my wonderful family, and grateful for the incredible parents the Lord has placed in my life.  Sometimes it's difficult to put into words how much influence parents have over our lives.

I have been hugely blessed to have parents who love Jesus and love each other, causing their marriage to grow stronger every day. Not only that but they also love Jesus as they love my sisters and I, causing them to be positive influences in our lives, guiding us in the ways of the Lord.

As a female, my daddy is very important to me.  I see what the world tells girls, where girls tend to find their love & affection, and without my daddy I probably would have turned out a lot differently, searching for love & acceptance from men and romance.  Ultimately I know that my greatest affection comes from my Heavenly Father, but He placed my earthly daddy in my life for a reason and for that I am forever grateful!  My dad is one of a kind.  He's goofy, he's loving, he's the class clown, he's extremely caring and he loves Jesus evidently in his day to day life.  I couldn't have chosen a better man to be my daddy, good job momma :) I only hope that I will meet a man half as amazing as you Daddy, to be the best dad he can be to my children, as you've been to me.

Even though I love him daily, today we outwardly recognize the love we have for our daddies! Happy Father's Day, to the BEST dad in the entire world! I love you so much!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, tell him how much you love him today!

Peace & Blessings! Mere


Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream

So I meant to blog last weekend about my further reading in "Radical" but time has really gotten away! Here we are a week later and I'm still trying to squeeze in a post! Since I'm in summer classes my weeks are PACKED with busyness!

I've now made it all the way through chapter three of the book! Impressive, I know :)

Chapters 2 and 3 were great! Chapter 2 explains an incredible experience with "underground church", or a "secret" gathering. Boy does that open your eyes! My favorite part of this chapter is as follows:
     I remember sitting outside a Buddhist temple in Indonesia.  Men and women filled the elaborate, colorful temple grounds, where they daily performed their religious rituals.  Meanwhile, I was engaged in a conversation with a Buddhist leader and a Muslim leader in this particular community.  They were discussing how all religions are fundamentally the same and only superficially different. "We may have different views about small issues," one of them said, "but when it comes down to essential issues, each of our religions is the same."
     I listened for a while, and then they asked me what I thought.  I said, "It sounds as though you both picture God (or whatever you call god) at the top of a mountain.  It seems as if you believe that we are all at the bottom of a mountain, and I may take one route up the mountain, you may take another, and in the end we will all end up in the same place."
     They smiled as I spoke.  Happily they replied, "Exactly! You understand!"
     Then I leaned in and said, "Now let me ask you a question.  What would you think if I told you that the God at the top of the mountain actually came down to where we are?  What would you think if I told you that God doesn't wait for people to find their way to him, but instead he comes to us?"
     These few paragraphs were my favorite for two major reasons. First, it brought some REALITY to who Jesus is and who we aren't.  We can never get to God on our own.  It's not by our own power or good works that we find hope and peace in Him.   I can't EVER do enough to work my way to the Lord.  It's only through Jesus Christ that I am able to be in relationship with the Father.  John 14:6 says, "Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
     Secondly, I find that it points out the fact that we are being PURSUED by the Most High King.  If that doesn't rock your world a little bit, I'm not sure what will!  I am a sinner and I am broken and STILL the God of the Universe is pursuing me and desires a relationship with me! Pretty dang cool!

     That's about all I have on Radical but I thought I'd update on my life a bit since things have been so crazy lately!

     I've already mentioned, I'm taking 6 hours in this summer session so I've been swamped with reading, assignments and studying!  I had my first history test yesterday and I'm crossing my fingers that I did well!  I came home last weekend for the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert at Cowboys Stadium!  It was super fun!

     It was a blasty blast! I got to the spend the afternoon and evening with my wonderful parents and precious little sister! Tim McGraw came out first, then Kenny Chesney!

Then they came out together! It was great :)

Last weekend was great, then it was back to the hum drum of the week!

     Studied all week, took my first test and now I'm home once again this weekend for a wedding and Father's Day!  I've got another week of lectures ahead of me, then the Drake-Burleson wedding next weekend, one more week of school, headed to Houston to be a part of the Thomas-Jeffreys wedding then finals and this semester ends!  I have a crazy few weeks ahead of me, to say the least :)

     Hope everyone had a great week and happy weekend!

Peace & Blessings,



Summer already?

I can't believe it's already June!

So summer is here.  I just LOVE summer.  The atmosphere is exciting, the sun is out CONSTANTLY and people are just downright more FUN in the summer :)  This summer is a little less laid back for me!  Right now I'm taking 6 hours of class and next session (beginning July 10) I'm taking 6 more!  Nonetheless, it's still summer, the sun is still shining (except for this week in Lubbock with the cloudiness...), and the atmosphere is still summery!!  Oh and my sister got married last Sunday! She is now Mrs. Rachel Jane Lott!

So since I'm in classes right now I haven't had a chance to talk about the second chapter of Radical!  I'm now on the third chapter (I'm reading slowly as I have to keep up with school reading, too) and I'm excited to write about it!  Hate to be a tease, but I won't be posting that today.  I had my first EDIT test and first history quiz today and I have my second history quiz tomorrow, so I'm a bit swamped right now!  I will definitely make that post happen this weekend, though, no worries!

Side note, I'm living alone right now because.....

MY ROOMMATE IS SERVING JESUS IN AFRICA! So I would totally LOVE it if you could join with me in lifting her and the team up in prayer for the next week!  They will return Wednesday the 13th!  Please pray for their health, safety, and reliance on the Lord.  Pray that they will listen to what God wants for them to do and carry that out!  I LOVE missions!

In music news, I got to watch the CMT Awards last night and it was GREAT! Performances by Luke Bryan, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Jana Kramer, Carrie Underwood, Pistol Annies, Rascal Flatts with Journey, annnnd SO much more! Those were just a few of my FAVS! Toby Keith and Kristin Bell hosted... er mainly Kristin Bell. Toby Keith was a littttle out of it :)  Anyway, I just love country music so I thought I'd mention that!


Peace & Blessings