Hello Sweet Cheer: Summer already?


Summer already?

I can't believe it's already June!

So summer is here.  I just LOVE summer.  The atmosphere is exciting, the sun is out CONSTANTLY and people are just downright more FUN in the summer :)  This summer is a little less laid back for me!  Right now I'm taking 6 hours of class and next session (beginning July 10) I'm taking 6 more!  Nonetheless, it's still summer, the sun is still shining (except for this week in Lubbock with the cloudiness...), and the atmosphere is still summery!!  Oh and my sister got married last Sunday! She is now Mrs. Rachel Jane Lott!

So since I'm in classes right now I haven't had a chance to talk about the second chapter of Radical!  I'm now on the third chapter (I'm reading slowly as I have to keep up with school reading, too) and I'm excited to write about it!  Hate to be a tease, but I won't be posting that today.  I had my first EDIT test and first history quiz today and I have my second history quiz tomorrow, so I'm a bit swamped right now!  I will definitely make that post happen this weekend, though, no worries!

Side note, I'm living alone right now because.....

MY ROOMMATE IS SERVING JESUS IN AFRICA! So I would totally LOVE it if you could join with me in lifting her and the team up in prayer for the next week!  They will return Wednesday the 13th!  Please pray for their health, safety, and reliance on the Lord.  Pray that they will listen to what God wants for them to do and carry that out!  I LOVE missions!

In music news, I got to watch the CMT Awards last night and it was GREAT! Performances by Luke Bryan, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Jana Kramer, Carrie Underwood, Pistol Annies, Rascal Flatts with Journey, annnnd SO much more! Those were just a few of my FAVS! Toby Keith and Kristin Bell hosted... er mainly Kristin Bell. Toby Keith was a littttle out of it :)  Anyway, I just love country music so I thought I'd mention that!


Peace & Blessings


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