Hello Sweet Cheer: July 2012


My busy week & some Jesus thoughts

Today is Wednesday.  It looks like the next few days are gonna be pretty hectic for me!

I have an online government test that opens today at noon, closing tomorrow at noon so I have to get that done at some point!  Also, every Wednesday at 3 I go to Red Raider Orientation and stand at the Wesley booth to talk to some sweet freshman about our ministry.  So I have that going on, plus I'm going to youth tonight and am invited to play cops & robbers with the students after!

Tomorrow I have class, my test due by noon, plans to go to the pool and then KELSEY'S BACHELORETTE PARTY!  So excited to get this wedding weekend started!!  :)  But before the party either today or tomorrow, I have to go pick out some lingerie for her!  Super fun, but just another thing on the to-do list!

Then Friday is class, pool again, and the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner!  So stoked for Kelsey & Zack!  And Saturday is the big day!!

Like I said before my week is pretty hectic, so before things get crazy I just wanted to quickly post about some thoughts I was having last night.  I was watching a TV show, in which one of the girls was in rehab.  She was seeing multiple different types of counselors as a part of her stay there.  This is an obvious observation but I just thought it was really interesting & very telling of the brokenness of this world.  Every professional she spoke with was focusing on her "inner strength", this idea that what she was dealing with could be overcome by her own willpower.  The reality is that I know because of the news that shortly after getting out of rehab, this girl went to jail for the exact thing she was in for.

That's a lot of words and information you probably aren't interested in but my point is this… Our society strongly believes in a self-help, inner strength, heal yourself type of counsel.  With this specific example, it proves that this ISN'T the way to healing & change.  She was home for a short time & was already having issues again.  Our world is in DESPERATE need of Jesus.   I'm learning this in other ways too.

Last night at Summerground (summer worship service at the wesley), Justin Stice spoke to this in the context of believers.  We DESIRE this relationship with Jesus, we DESIRE to be healed, we DESIRE to do & act the way we know the Lord asks of us, yet we try our best to do it on our own.  And it NEVER works.  We are not strong enough, nor will we ever be, to do be healed through our own willpower.  Only when we surrender our lives to the works of Jesus & to Him alone, will we experience the incredible healing we so desire.

Daily I'm amazed by the ways in which the Lord chooses to speak to me.  Without getting into too much detail, I'll just say don't underestimate Jesus or how He chooses to work!

Thanks for reading, just wanted to share that quick tidbit.  Surrender to Him today!

Peace & blessings,


Choosing Joy

Lately I've been learning about Joy.  If you know me at all you know it's something I tend to experience a lot :)  So the fact that I'm continuing to learn about it is pretty cool!

I'm learning that even when I don't FEEL overcome with Joy, I can choose to BE overcome with Joy.  I LOVE to be happy, have fun, encourage others, and experience joyfulness.  Some days though, it's not exactly what I want to do or feel.  Lately the Lord has been showing me how when I choose to have Joy, good things come of it!  It's been super cool and I've loved experiencing Joy in this new way!

On a more personal note, two of my very closest friends are getting MARRIED today!  Are you surprised? Me, having friends who are getting married!? No way! ;) (wedding tour 2012, my friends!) Anyway, they are both so precious to me and I'm more than excited to be able to be there when they vow to each other & to the Lord!

Congratulations sweet friends!  Blessings upon your marriage and future life together!!

The soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Jared Martinez!

Try to choose Joy today… You won't regret it :)

Peace & Blessings,



Jesus Calling, small group, and Fall 2012

     First of all, I just started the devotional book, "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young.  I know it's been talked about a lot, and seems kind of "trendy" in the Christian bubble, but in ALL honesty it is incredible.  Whether it was popular or not, I would still recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Here's a great line from it: "Though I am Lord of lords and King of kings, I also desire to be your intimate Friend. When you are tense or pretentious in our relationship, I feel hurt."

     The devotionals are quick reads, about 10 sentences each.  It is organized by day of the year, so you just find the one for today and go for it!  At the end of each devotional there are a few bible verse references that back up the content in the devotional.  It is written from the perspective of God.  It's as if He is speaking right to you, personally.  Each day focuses on something specific.  I have found that when I do one of these devotionals at the beginning of the day, I have one aspect of my relationship with Jesus to focus on through out the day.  This allows me and encourages me to be constantly seeking the Lord in my thoughts and actions.  All in all, I am SO glad it was recommended to me, because it has been an incredible tool in growing closer to Jesus daily!

     Something else I've really been loving this summer is my small group!  I meet with a great group of women from the the Wesley every Thursday at 6pm!  We have dinner together, chat, and discuss something specific each week.  Some weeks we just share our hearts and what the Lord is doing in our lives.  Other weeks our wonderful women's minister will have a question or two for us to discuss.  One reason I really love the group is because we are constantly reflecting on how our time together is glorifying to the Lord.  I think a lot of times as women we can get caught up in talking, gossiping, and just being chatty together instead of focusing on the Lord, how we can be encouraged, learning, being accountable, etc.  It's easy in a women's group to lose sight of the purpose for meeting, but in this group it's very real and honest.

We made some really yummy pizza for dinner this week!

     We are always checking ourselves and making sure we are keeping the focus on Jesus.  I think I've learned a lot this summer about ministering to girls/women.  I used to see it in a structured, learning, teaching kind of way, but I think there's a lot to be said for a time & place for women to just share and encourage one another.  So thanks to my small group girls, I've really enjoyed our time together so far!

My sweet friend Kathryn! 

I adore these girls!

     I think that's all I have to blog about today.  This has been such a great summer and I'm super excited for what else is to come!  I am constantly praying for the Lord to prepare my heart for ministry this Fall.  I'm excited to see how He'll work!  Happy Saturday!

Have a great weekend.

Peace & Blessings,