Hello Sweet Cheer: Jesus Calling, small group, and Fall 2012


Jesus Calling, small group, and Fall 2012

     First of all, I just started the devotional book, "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young.  I know it's been talked about a lot, and seems kind of "trendy" in the Christian bubble, but in ALL honesty it is incredible.  Whether it was popular or not, I would still recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Here's a great line from it: "Though I am Lord of lords and King of kings, I also desire to be your intimate Friend. When you are tense or pretentious in our relationship, I feel hurt."

     The devotionals are quick reads, about 10 sentences each.  It is organized by day of the year, so you just find the one for today and go for it!  At the end of each devotional there are a few bible verse references that back up the content in the devotional.  It is written from the perspective of God.  It's as if He is speaking right to you, personally.  Each day focuses on something specific.  I have found that when I do one of these devotionals at the beginning of the day, I have one aspect of my relationship with Jesus to focus on through out the day.  This allows me and encourages me to be constantly seeking the Lord in my thoughts and actions.  All in all, I am SO glad it was recommended to me, because it has been an incredible tool in growing closer to Jesus daily!

     Something else I've really been loving this summer is my small group!  I meet with a great group of women from the the Wesley every Thursday at 6pm!  We have dinner together, chat, and discuss something specific each week.  Some weeks we just share our hearts and what the Lord is doing in our lives.  Other weeks our wonderful women's minister will have a question or two for us to discuss.  One reason I really love the group is because we are constantly reflecting on how our time together is glorifying to the Lord.  I think a lot of times as women we can get caught up in talking, gossiping, and just being chatty together instead of focusing on the Lord, how we can be encouraged, learning, being accountable, etc.  It's easy in a women's group to lose sight of the purpose for meeting, but in this group it's very real and honest.

We made some really yummy pizza for dinner this week!

     We are always checking ourselves and making sure we are keeping the focus on Jesus.  I think I've learned a lot this summer about ministering to girls/women.  I used to see it in a structured, learning, teaching kind of way, but I think there's a lot to be said for a time & place for women to just share and encourage one another.  So thanks to my small group girls, I've really enjoyed our time together so far!

My sweet friend Kathryn! 

I adore these girls!

     I think that's all I have to blog about today.  This has been such a great summer and I'm super excited for what else is to come!  I am constantly praying for the Lord to prepare my heart for ministry this Fall.  I'm excited to see how He'll work!  Happy Saturday!

Have a great weekend.

Peace & Blessings,


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  1. SO great. love the pictures, and what you are learning!