Hello Sweet Cheer: fall semester, here we come!


fall semester, here we come!

     Right now I'm on a little break from reality!  I finished my summer classes, (all 4 of them, 12 hours worth) and my family and I are in San Marcos visiting my sister & brother-in-law for the weekend!  Yesterday was a chill day since Callie & Justin had to work, but today we are floating the river and I CAN'T WAIT!  After a crazy, jam-packed summer I'm in need of some major relaxation!

     Aside from that though, I'm pumped for the fall!  I'll be in McKinney until the end of next week & then I'll head back to Lubbock to prepare for a new semester!  The first foundation camp happened this past week, there's a second session next week & it's getting me way too excited for all the new freshman we'll get to meet in a few short weeks!

Me and my girl Ariel

     This semester is going to be drastically different from all the others I've already experienced at Texas Tech.  First of all, one of my best friends Ariel who lived with me since January moved home just a few weeks ago.  She'll be in the Dallas area for this school year, and after that who knows!  She's the person I basically spent every waking moment with (not saying that was healthy ;) hehe) for the past year so that's going to be a huge change.  Also, another one of my best friends & a sister who is so precious to me, Kelsey, got married about 2 weeks ago & is moving to Durango, Colorado with her hubby, Zack!  They left Lubbock yesterday morning & and made the long trek to the mountains!  I'm so excited for them to be taking this job in college ministry because I know the Lord is going to work in amazing ways through them.  At the same time though, Kelsey has been an incredible influence in my life.  She is an incredible woman of God who challenges me, loves me, teaches me, and does life with me.  I know we'll be friends for life but going from friends who live in the same town to friends who have to make an effort to keep in touch is going to be challenging.  That's the same thing Ariel & I are going through.  Change is good & exciting but definitely tough.  Another huge change is that one of my bestest friends & former roommate Malissa got married this summer as well.  She's been married now for over a month so we've been getting used to the changes in our friendship & it's been great so far!  She still lives in Lubbock with her husband so that makes it a million times easier to not allow these life changes to dissolve our friendship.  We still get to hang out a lot & I love it!

Sweet Malissa & I before her wedding rehearsal!

And precious Kelsey! She's the one moving to Colorado…

With her husband… :)

So friendships are ever-changing.  One friendship that will be changing for the better/returning to how it used be is my sweet friend Claire.  She's super precious to me & I'm so excited that I get to spend this semester with her!  

And I'm way excited about new friendships & people I've known that I'm just now starting to get to know really well!  Here are a few of those people…



 Kyle (he loves me)


Anyway, Jesus is way cool & I'm stoked to see what He has planned for this semester.  I'm thinking/praying about leading a girls bible study, so be on the lookout for an update on that!  I plan to blog a bit about what's on my heart for that!

Peace & blessings,


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