Hello Sweet Cheer: summer is nearing its end & my family rocks!


summer is nearing its end & my family rocks!

Summer is almost over :(

It's officially August, therefore the Fall semester starts THIS MONTH!  I think this is the only time I've truly felt the meaning of the saying, "Time flies!"

This summer has consisted of…

My sweet sister Rachel married her love Andy!  Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw concert at Cowboys Stadium with my parents & little sister, summer classes galore (lots of studying), my baby sister turned SIXTEEN (wow!), hanging out at the leisure pool, I've attended EIGHT, yes EIGHT weddings, I've gotten to hang out with some sweet friends I don't usually see as much during the school year & I've even made a few new friends!  Summer 2012 was a huge success and it's not over yet!

Next weekend I'm headed to San Marcos to hang out with my PRECIOUS family :)  We'll be staying with my sister Callie & brother-in-law Justin!  I'm beyond excited to see them, float the river, do a little shopping & just spend some quality time with them after this jam-packed summer!

So I talk about my family a whole lot!  I realize this and I also realize people may not want to hear about them anymore.  Regardless, I'm gonna keep talking about them because that's just how great they are!  Here's a run down of my family…

Here we are back in May of 2008, when Rachel graduated high school!  We're pretty cute, huh? :)

Here's my daddy.  He's basically the coolest cat around!  He's super funny & I just love how great of a dad he is!

Next is my precious momma!  She's amazing.  I love her to death!

That's my sister Callie and her husband Justin.  They started dating right before I turned 12.  So I've known him for such a long time that it seems like he's always been a part of the family!  They both went to Texas State, Callie got a degree in Business Finance and Justin has his undergrad in the same plus an MBA also from Texas State.  They got married this past October and bought a house in San Marcos!

That's Rachel and her husband Andy.  They just recently got married and live in Waco, where they went to school at Baylor.  They're hanging around there for a while until Andy goes to grad school, at which time they'll move!  She has a degree in Journalism/PR and he has a degree in Music Performance maybe?  I'm not sure exactly, I just know he plays the trumpet & has a music degree of some sort!

Then there's me!  Not married, not engaged, just me :)  For now at least!  

There's my baby sister Camille!  She just turned 16 and is going into her junior year of high school! I can't even believe she's getting so old!

Anyway, I just wanted to show them off a bit since I think they're so great.  I can't even WAIT to see them next weekend!  I thank the Lord every day for blessing me with such an incredible, encouraging, and loving family! 

Who are you most thankful for in your life?  Do they know thank you love them so much?  Make an effort to figure out who is the most important and let them know!  (we humans aren't always very good at voicing how we feel)

Peace & blessings,

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