Hello Sweet Cheer: Realization



“A morning of realization.” or “We’re human so we fail to fully commit & sometimes need a little push in the right direction to regain our focus.”

     A few mornings ago I got to sit on my porch while I journaled & drank my coffee (such a typical Christian girl, I know!).  I had worship music playing while I conversed with and praised my God.  The cool air was so refreshing and Jesus was just wooing me with His beautiful creation.  After sitting there for about 15 minutes it started to rain a little.  It sprinkled for about 5 minutes.  It came down steady.  Then it let up.  About 5 minutes after that it sprinkled for a little longer, traveling from the sky to the ground with nothing stopping it.  The rain had a purpose.  But just as before, it stopped soon after it started.

     As I observed what was happening around me, the Lord gave me this incredible comparison of my life to the inconsistency of the rain.  He began to show me that I was just like the rain.  My life had been an in & out, up & down, lack of commitment to pursuing Jesus.  I’m just like that rain.  I get super excited about Jesus, moving forward with full force, pursuing Him, spending time with Him, living my LIFE for Him… all to lose that drive & purpose a short month later. 

     So where do we go from there?  We recognize our uncommitment, but what do we do about it?  I’ll say this; in my life, things changed when I had a realization about WHO Jesus is, what He did & what He is doing, and recognizing Him as LORD of my life.  LORD of my life.  That means He gets to be in the driver seat.  That means I turn all control over to Him.  As much as experiencing the presence of God is an unmatchable & indescribable feeling, I believe wholeheartedly that until you TRULY seek out who God is and what He did on a much deeper level, you won’t fully surrender to His plan and the life He has for you.  Granted, everyone has bad days.  You won’t be perfect.  We’ll never arrive.  We won’t get a to a point where we can say, “This is it, I’ve done it! I’m no longer going to sin!”  PLEASE don’t hear that.  Don’t take from this that I think we can ARRIVE at our Faith if we learn enough about Jesus.  My heart isn’t that we would one day be perfect, but that we would one day be FULLY HIS. FULLY SURRENDERED. FULLY TRUSTING.

My challenge to you, the reader, is this…

     If you feel this up & down, in & out, wishy-washy type of Faith, seek out who Jesus is. Study the Word. Don’t just read it. STUDY the divine Word of God.  You’ll begin to understand more and more the heart of God.  You’ll begin to notice a change in your thoughts and actions. The more we draw into Him, the more He draws into us.  In the next week, seek out times to meet with your Savior.  CONVERSE with Him, but don’t dominate the conversation.  Let Him speak to you. Meet with the King of Kings & Lord of Lords. Spend time with Him, just as you would if you were trying to make a new friend.  Don’t just ask of Him things you want, but ask of Him to pour His presence upon your life.

Peace & Blessings,

1 Peter 5:6-7; Proverbs 16:9; Psalm 37:5

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