Hello Sweet Cheer: It's been a while...


It's been a while...

     So it's been a little longer than I would like since I last blogged.  The past few weeks have been Crazytown, USA!  Let me give you a little run down.

     I went on Wesley Fall Retreat in Capitan, NM from September 30-October 1, I went on WEST Fall Retreat in Sacramento, NM from October 6-8, and this past weekend my family came into town!  On top of all that, I still work & do school during the week.  I think it goes without saying; my life has been somewhat hectic for a while.

     When I started to write this post I planned on giving you a semi-detailed recollection of the past two weeks.  Now that I’m typing I’m realizing that’s not what I need to write about.  I need to talk about two things.  First, I need to share about what we learned on WEST Fall Retreat, & how it applies to what I’m learning about friendships this semester & then I need to talk about what I’m learning about DEPENDENCE on the Lord.

     First off, WEST Fall Retreat was amazing.  My students seriously rock & I love them a whole whole lot!  I loved that weekend getting to spend time with them & just relax!  Our speaker, Jason Archuleta, spoke on the concept of 1000s, 12s, & 3s.  This is modeled after the way Jesus lived His life & did ministry.  He preached & taught to 1000s, he had close community with His 12s, and he was intimate & transparent with His 3s.  He related our 1000s to the people we can impact through facebook & twitter.  Those are the simplest avenues to reaching 1000s.  Our 12 consists of the people who know us well, the people we spend most of our time with & the people we live our lives along side.  Our 3s are the closest friends we have.  Those few people who know everything about us, everything that’s going on in our life, and who pray for us, call us out on our crap, point us back to the cross, etc.  Obviously those numbers aren’t exact, you may have 8 people in your 12s or 20 people in your 12s.  There may be anywhere from 2-5 people in your 3s.  Those numbers are based off of Jesus’ 12 disciples, and His 3 most intimate relationships with Peter, James & John. 

     This is relevant because this semester I’ve been learning so much about friendships.  I’ve been learning about how to make friends, maintain friendships, and transition friendships.  It’s been pretty tough to be honest.  With this vision of having 1000s, 12s, & 3s I was a little bit frustrated.  For the first part of retreat I was really trying to figure that out.  Who are the people in my 12?  And who is in my 3?

     The background information is that I have never had trouble making friends or keeping them.  I don’t mean for that to come off in an arrogant way, I just honestly haven’t ever thought about the concept of needing to make new friends or foster the friendships I already have with people.  They’ve always just come super naturally to me & it hasn’t even been an afterthought!  This semester, I knew that was going to change!  My best friend Ariel moved home to Dallas, my sweet friend Kelsey got married & moved to Colorado, my best friend & former roommate Malissa got married, & one of my very close friends Claire started to gain a new friend group that I wasn’t necessarily a part of.  None of these changes were negative or bond breaking.  These 4 girls are still a huge part of my life & I love them dearly.  The difference is the dynamic of our friendships.  As we grow, mature, & life happens around us, our relationships just change & that’s completely normal. 

The following pictures are of all the sweet new friends the Lord has placed in my life.  I've known most of them for almost a year, but they are just now becoming some of my closest & most cherished friendships!
 Abby Graham
Erin Davis

     So… due to all these crazy changes I knew this semester would be different in one of two ways: it would either be extremely lonely & a time of learning how to be more independent, (the route I was dreading hugely, but expected the most) or I would somehow by a miracle of the Holy Spirit figure out how to make new friends & find community in that.  Of course, the Lord provided the community I needed.  It’s so silly to think that I was so concerned with having a solid group of friends & honestly didn’t trust that God would provide that for me.  He always comes through.

 Hillary Joiner
Brett Butler

     So finally to the part about what I’m learning… I’m slowly but surely learning how to better communicate with my friends.  It’s especially difficult with those friends who have moved away.  I’m realizing I have to make a real effort to maintain the closeness we had before they left.  It’s really tough, but it’s really good.

 Hunter Garrison
Kyle Jacobson

     Also, I’m learning about NEW friendships.  How awesome are new friendships!?  They’re so exciting and a constant learning process.  I love the newness of them & how I’m learning more & more about these people EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I’m learning how they work; how their minds work & how they understand things.  I’m learning what they respond best to & how they handle conflict.  It’s such a cool experience.

Jenna Carse

     I guess all of that is to say, I didn't trust that the Lord would provide for me such awesome community.  It's so silly that I didn't because He has always provided in that way in the past & I have been blessed more than I could have ever imagined by these sweet people He has placed in my life!  I am SO incredibly thankful for all my friends!  

     I planned to talk about dependence on the Lord in this post, but things got a bit too lengthy! :0 Oops!  Stay tuned for that post later this week or next!

Peace & Blessings,


“Make new friends & keep the old, one is silver & the other’s gold. A circle is round, it has no end, that’s how long I want to be your friend!”


  1. Very sweet post, Mere Mere. Love you deeply!

  2. Thanks Mal! I just love that you read my posts & even comment on them :) :) Love you so much!