Hello Sweet Cheer: The Wonderful (& sometimes small) World of Blogging!


The Wonderful (& sometimes small) World of Blogging!

     I love reading blogs!  I follow many blogs focused on various topics; from international adoption to DIY experts to everyday life on a farm!  Although I read a wide range of things, the main thing I enjoy is the subject of adoption. 

     My interest was first piqued by a good friend of mine who went on the same mission trip as me my freshman year of high school, Whitney Pratt.  At the time she was somewhat newly married & in her late 20’s.  As a 14-year-old girl, I just loved that we became friends & she was actually interested in being my buddy throughout the trip!  I kept in touch with her after we returned home & soon found out that her & her husband Aaron were starting the process of an international adoption from Ethiopia!  I was just enamored with the idea!  Since then I’ve been a huge lover of adoption & hope to someday adopt myself! 

     Whitney has an awesome blog that you can check out, here.  I’ve been following since they started it back in 2009.  All the adoption blogs I follow now I’ve found through Whitney’s blog because they are blogs she follows as well!  The crazy, wonderful (and sometimes small) world that blogging is was revealed to me in the coolest way yesterday at church!  Another blog I follow belongs to the Jenkins’ family who recently brought home a little boy from Ethiopia.  Yesterday while attending a fall festival type event at my parents’ church, I SAW THE JENKINS’ FAMILY.  The thing about blogs is that I really don't know where people live according to their blog.  If you don't know me personally the only thing you know is that I live in the US.  Besides that, I could be anywhere.  (I guess you technically know I go to Texas Tech, but you don't know where I'm from originally!)  That's the same for the blogs I follow, I had no idea that this family was from the same place as I am!  It was so crazy & super surreal.  I kind of felt like a creeper & felt an odd nervousness like I was about to meet a celebrity; I’m weird I know!  Long story short, I ended up introducing myself to the mother, Debi, & had a short conversation with her.  It was just so cool to see a family whose lives I read about all the time through their blog standing right in front of me!  They are just a precious family & their little boy is the sweetest!! You can check them out here!

Speaking of the world of blogging…


     For those who maybe aren’t as well versed in bloggy lingo as others, a blogiversary is exactly what it sounds like, an anniversary for your blog.  I posted for the first time here on Reflections of a College Girl on November 7, 2011.  ONLY SEVEN DAYS until Blogiversary Week begins!

The way it works is as follows:
     The week consists of a post each day with something fun involved.  Bloggy Superlatives, Timeline of the Year in Blogging and Behind the Scenes Bloggy Tidbits are just a few of the many ways we celebrate!  Bloggers with high traffic usually host contests & giveaways during blogiversary week, but since I don’t receive too many comments or have too many followers just yet, I’ll save those super fun things for my 2 year Blogiversary! :D  If you're interested share a link to my blog & get to leaving comments!! ;) I’m still fine tuning what the week in blogging will look like, but stay tuned because it will be a TON OF FUN!

Hope you’re as excited as I am!


Peace & blessings,

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