Hello Sweet Cheer: Blogiversary 1: A Day in the Life


Blogiversary 1: A Day in the Life

Today marks the first day of Blogiversary Week here at Reflections!

Day 1 - Get to know the girl behind the screen: A day in the life


Wake up call
My friend Jenna has trouble getting out of bed for bible study, so I call her as accountability :)

6am - 8am

Morning Bible Study
We meet Mondays & Thursdays from 6am-8am to study the first 5 books of the Bible! We're about half way through Numbers right now.

   8am - 9am

Feed my Soul
One of two things happens during this time…I'll have my one-on-one discipleship meeting with Brenda or I'll spend some much needed time with my bestie Jenna!

        9am - 10am
This time is spent studying, working on homework, quiet time with Jesus or occasionally a quick nap before class!

10am - 11:50am
Class, class, class!
Sorry for poor photo quality, this was my attempt to take a picture during lecture!

12pm - 1pm
Break for lunchie lunch!

1pm - 1:50pm
Class, class, class!

2pm - 3pm
Nap, clean, watch TV, do homework, etc.

3:15pm - 5:30pm
I babysit every day when the kids get out of school!  We usually have a snack after school, and sometimes I even treat her to Sonic!  But most days it turns into an afternoon of cartoons!  I bring my laptop, and this is generally when most of my blogging happens!

5:30pm - Evening

Night Time Fun
My evenings are my social time. I normally hang out with friends, have dinner, workout, watch TV shows or movies, chat with my girlfriends, etc.

There you have it, a day in life of this college girl!  Busy, but fun!  Happy 1st Blogiversary friends!

Happy Monday!


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