Hello Sweet Cheer: Blogiversary 1: Goals, Goals, Goals!


Blogiversary 1: Goals, Goals, Goals!

Today is the last day of my very first Blogiversary Week!

     I have so enjoyed this week & I really hope you have too!  Today I'm going to lay out some of my goals; personal goals, life goals, & goals for the blog!

     My first & the most important goal I strive toward is bringing Glory to God in everything I do.  I want to honor Him in every moment of my life, do work for the Kingdom, & take part in sanctification.  I've talked about what sanctification is on the blog before, but again that's just a big churchy word for "being made holy".  I believe sanctification is a lifelong process of seeking the Lord, and allowing Him to draw me into deeper holiness with Him.  So that's the most important goal in my life; bringing Glory to the Lord in my every day life.

     Secondly, my life goals & more so desires are to be in ministry through being a Godly wife, a Christ seeking mother, & a woman who fears the Lord.  That seems like a lot of different things, but my heart's desire is to be a wife, to honor my husband, & love him well.  My heart's desire is to be a mother who loves & cares for her children like Christ cares for us.  I want nothing more than to have a family & serve them.  I believe the Lord has crafted me with a heart to love & serve the people closest to me & I'm excited about having that in my life one day!

     Thirdly, my goals for this blog are that it might continue to grow!  I hope that it is making an impact on someone's life.  I hope & pray that the Lord would use it in a way to bring Glory back to Himself.  I hope that one day this blog might be a segway into more active ministry.  I pray that ministry opportunities might arise through the blog & that the Lord would use it in whatever way He so desires!

Well, that wraps up Day #5 of Blogiversary Week!  Thank you so much everyone who has been reading & supporting me through this ministry!

Happy Friday!


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