Hello Sweet Cheer: Blogiversary 1: Top 3 Reader Favorites


Blogiversary 1: Top 3 Reader Favorites

Hello bloggy world!

Today is Day #2 of my 1st Blogiversary Week!  Today I'm going to talk about the top 3 most viewed posts of the year, aka reader favorites!

In third place, we have my post FROM HAITI!  You can check it out here.  Basically, one day while I was in Haiti, I blogged on the mission website & linked it to my personal blog so everyone could follow along!  This post came in with a whopping 49 views!

2 In second place, we have a post entitled "kids these days" which talked about my incredible experience with West Youth!  This was based on the first time I hung out with them at Evolve weekend, and today I'm very much involved in their ministry!  You can check it out here!  This post came in with 63 views!  (pictures are more recent...from our Mud Dash!)

1 And in first place…drum roll please….a post I titled "Jesus Refines".  This was written after an awesome Spring Retreat about nine months ago.  I talked about my experience with Jesus & what was going on in my heart at the time.  That one can be found here.  This post received the most views any post have ever gotten in my time on the blog.  70 views!

Some close competitors were "Christian vs. Secular Music", "Choosing Joy", and "Fall Retreat, Wesley Style" coming in with 46, 44, & 41 views respectively.

Speaking of stats & fun facts…

My blog has received 1,781 all time views.  I have been blogging since November 7, 2011…technically today is my 364th day as a blogger.  I've posted 51 times, and have held Reflections on two different blog sites, first wordpress, then blogger.  I have received a mere SEVEN comments in the last YEAR on the blog.  Pretty sad, huh!?  A lot of people tend to comment on the link to my blog when I post it on facebook, but I would love it SO much more if people would comment HERE on the blog :)

Hope you enjoyed that fun little walk down memory lane!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I enjoyed reading this mere :) let's try and get you over 100 views!

  2. Nine comments :)

    Love your blogs!