Hello Sweet Cheer: Blogiversary 1: Top 5 Favorite Bloggy Reads


Blogiversary 1: Top 5 Favorite Bloggy Reads

Day #4 of Blogiversary Week, here goes!  I've mentioned before that I follow a lot of blogs!  Today I want to share with you all my Top 5 Favorites! 

     I follow five different types of blogs so I've chosen one from each category that is my favorite!  The categories are Family, DIY, Ministry, Adoption, & Personal.

FAMILY: These are blogs that moms & dads write about their families.  Some of which focus on parenting, having a newborn, their successes in certain areas of their family, etc.  This is definitely something I hope to have the privilege of blogging about in the future!

     My all time FAVORITE family blog is The Macs!  This is written by a momma & wife who loves Jesus dearly & blogs about her two precious baby boys, Levi & Griffin!  They actually had a baby girl back in 2008 who they lost after a short 11 months to cancer.  Their story is incredibly inspiring & her day-to-day writings are awesome!

DIY (do-it-yourself): These are blogs that document all their DIY successes & failures.  They do tons of tutorials & teach about simple yet great looking projects & improvements for the home!

     My all time FAVORITE DIY blog is Young House Love! YHL is written by John & Sherry Petersik.  They live in Richmond, VA & get this… THEY ARE FULL TIME BLOGGERS!  They are married with one little girl, Clara & their precious dog, Burger!  They've been at it for 5 years & both quit their day jobs about 2 years into blogging.  Go check them out!

MINISTRY: Blogs I follow and have put in this category are the most similar to mine.  They exist with a primary purpose to be in ministry.  There are plenty of family & personal blogs that simultaneously do ministry while serving another purpose.  These classified as ministry blogs however, solely exist with the goal of doing ministry.  

     My all time FAVORITE ministry blog is Boundless Line.  This blog is put on by a ministry called Focus on the Family & is directed specifically to young singles.  It can be applicable & helpful to virtually any young adult but is primarily focused on an audience in their single years.  They do a podcast once a week & have blog posts every day by various Focus bloggers.  It's an awesome ministry & i have been hugely blessed by it!

ADOPTION: These are blogs about different people's journey to adoption!  They are written by mommas who are documenting the entire process of their adoption.  I love adoption & hope to adopt some day, in which case I also hope to be able to blog about it at some point in the future!  :)

     My all time FAVORITE adoption blog is called "Ethiopia - here we come!"  This sweet sweet family adopted a little boy Eli from Ethiopia in December of 2008 and just recently a little girl named Ruthie in April 2012.  They are the two CUTEST children I have ever laid eyes on.  They are just the most precious family & I so love when she posts about all the cute & silly things the kids do.  Go give them a view & a comment!

PERSONAL: These are blogs people write just for their personal enjoyment.  These are mainly people I know personally, unlike most other blogs I follow which belong to total strangers.  Most people just talk about things that are going on in their life!

     My all time FAVORITE personal blog is The Beauty of Simplicity.  This one is written by my sweet friend Heather!  She is such a fun writer & a super interesting & unique person.  I met her a little over two years ago at Foundation Camp just before we started our freshman year of college here at Tech.  She loves Jesus a lot & writes in a way that captivates me!  I love her so much!  :) Go give her a view!

So there you have it!  These are some of my favorite blogs!  Do you follow any blogs?  What types of blogs do you like to read?  Do you have any suggestions of blogs I might like?  

And in honor of the day of the week, I'll leave you with this! 

Happy Throwback Thursday!


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