Hello Sweet Cheer: Blogiversary Week is Here!


Blogiversary Week is Here!

Hi everyone!

I am just SO excited because tomorrow begins the first day of my 1st Blogiversary Week!  Yay!!!  I feel so blessed to have been doing this an entire year already!  At the beginning of November of last year I felt the Lord calling me to begin active ministry & this is one of the ways He provided.  So on November 7th, 2011 I wrote my first post!  I am thankful, blessed, excited, & so ready to start this week!  This is how it will look:

Day 1: Get to Know the Girl Behind the Screen: A Day in the Life
Day 2: Top 3 Reader Favorites of the Year
Day 3: Personal Video Blog: What This Blog Means to Me
Day 4: My Top 5 Favorite Bloggy Reads
Day 5: Goals, Goals, Goals!

I can't wait to share with you all!  Today happens to be my 20th birthday & I couldn't be more excited about leaving my teens & beginning my 20's!  What?!  20's…?!  Crazy!  In honor of celebrating 20 years, here are some pictures from over the years…

 Sophomore Year in High School

Junior Year in High School

Senior Year in High School

The day I went off to college

Move-In Day!

 Freshman Year in College - Haiti

 Sophomore Year in College - Haiti

Junior Year in College - Halloween 2012

There you have it!  20 years!

Happy Sunday!

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