Hello Sweet Cheer: 5 semesters down, 3 to go!


5 semesters down, 3 to go!

Hello 36 days of no school, 3 weeks of no work & quality time with mi familia!

     I finished my last final yesterday morning & am ecstatic about having a month to relax & hang out with family & friends!  Before I get too far into that though, I'd like to rewind a few days!  This past weekend I decided to do a little baking!  My friends Brandon & Leah Clark had a little Christmas party on Saturday so I whipped up a few treats to bring along!

     First I made S'mores Bars.  They were delicious.  Then I made some Resurrection Rolls, which are traditionally for the purpose of illustrating Christ's death & resurrection to children for Easter, but they were tasty so I went for it anyway!

S'mores Bars
     All you need is a package of cookie dough, a few graham crackers, some mini marshmallows & chocolate chips!  The first part is layering the graham crackers & the cookie dough to bake up for about 8 minutes.  Then you just add the chocolate & marshmallows to warm & get melty in the oven for about 5-7 minutes at 350 degrees depending on your oven.  YUM!  Check out a few pictures from the process.


Resurrection Rolls
     This one was a little more involved!  You need large marshmallows, a can of crescent rolls, melted butter, & cinnamon sugar.  The steps go like this: Take a marshmallow, dip it in the melted  butter, dip it in the cinnamon sugar, then wrap it in a crescent roll.  I finished it off by drizzling more butter & sprinkling a bit more cinnamon sugar on top before baking them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes.  Here are some pictures step-by-step!




     I would classify both of these little baking projects as easy!  They were quick, straight forward & simply required a brain & capable hands!  Fun for everyone!

     Back to the here & now!  I'm finished with school but still have to work until Friday!  The kids I nanny for have school until the 21st, so for a while I thought I was going to have to stay in Lubbock until then.  About a week ago Curt & Bethany graciously offered to work around their schedules to pick up the kids next week so I can go home for the holidays!  They are too good to me!

     This week consists of catching up on sleep, laundry, cleaning, packing for an entire month & hanging out with Aden Ashley & Morgan Samuel.  They are a ton of fun!  Aden & I decorated some Christmas cookies yesterday, today they're watching a Christmas movie & tomorrow I plan on doing a Christmas craft with them!  I really enjoy my job… (if you can't already tell).  The kids get cranky, they talk back, they don't always obey me, but their sweet smiles & warm hugs make up for it all!  I've learned a lot about what it's like to be a parent over the last 4 months.  Some days I want to rip my hair out because of the way they act.  Some days they are a joy for the 3 hours we're together.  Some days it's a mixture of both & I love the little taste of motherhood I'm getting.  Trust me, I know 3 hours a day is just a taste...I've got a few years until I take on 24/7 motherhood, don't worry!  :)  Here are some sweet moments from my time with these two rascals this semester!


     What has been your favorite part of Fall 2012?  Have you tried any fun Christmas baking yet this season?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!  

Happy Wednesday!

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