Hello Sweet Cheer: December Ramblings


December Ramblings

     Yet again, I find myself sitting in front of my computer with a water bottle to my left, favorite sockies on my feet, groovy tunes playing in the background, & a mind full of swirling thoughts ready to be rightly placed into sentences.  I don't know how to express how much I love to blog.  I can't even believe I've kept it up for over a year now!  With each day that passes I love to write, create, dream, & publish more than I ever have before.  I'm just so thankful I even have readers!  With that, here's my post for today!

     December has finally come!  While the calendar is telling us it's time to play Christmas music, put up decorations, & tackle huge shopping lists, it's hard to feel like we're really only 24 shorts days away from Christmas!  It was 80 degrees in Lubbock today.  On December 1st, it was 80 degrees.  As a born & raised Texas girl, I'm mostly used to that problem.  For some reason though it's really throwing me for a loop this year.  Anyway, I'll quit going on about the weather & move on to what I really want to write about.

     Yesterday as I was driving to work, I was listening to 96.3 KLLL (country radio) when the song "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins came on.  The lyrics go a lil something like this: "You're gonna miss this/You're gonna want this back/You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast"  Yes, this song is generally played at high school graduations, sports banquets, etc. & is dreadfully cheesy but yesterday it felt very different.  As I was driving down Indiana Ave. headed for my daily mom duties (no I don't have a baby, I just have a few kids I hangout with during the week) my mind started racing.  As the lyrics rolled on I began to think about all the life I've lived.  All the seasons I've lived through, & all the fun, incredible memories I've made in my short 20 years.  As those "picture moments" as I like to refer to them as, were running through my mind, I was in awe.  I was seeing & remembering all that the Lord has allowed me to enjoy in this life.
Sidenote: I am constantly amazed by the way God speaks to me.  

     If you know me at all or have been reading this blog long enough, you know that I live in the future.  I am usually focused on tomorrow or next week or next year or the next chapter.  I'm pumped about what God is GOING to do.  And where God is GOING to take me.  I'm not always as appreciative or focused on what He IS doing.  I don't always love where He HAS taken me.  I've struggled in this area all my life.  I've always been more focused on tomorrow than I am on today.  This causes me to miss opportunities.  I basically have a severe case of tunnel vision, focused only on the times ahead.

     The song & my future-thinking-issues come together at the point that I began to realize how much I'm missing in the midst of my rat race outlook.  The Lord began to reveal to me how much growth is happening in this time of my life.  He began to show me how much ministry there is to be done here.  He said, "Slow down.  Enjoy today."  & I first said, "But what about when I graduate, what about when I get married & have a family, what about…"  After some back & forth, I eventually came around & began to really understand what He was telling me.  I am so concerned with & worried about what tomorrow could or should be, that Today gets lost in the mix.  I'm missing life by planning life.  I'm missing my life by planning my life.  While graduating tomorrow, moving back to Dallas & starting my life sounds great, I know that's not realistic.  While I am still ecstatic, I mean ECSTATIC, about the day that God will place in my life the man I will love & honor all my days, I know that I can't focus on that right now.  I don't want to rush through the wonderful season I'm living in right now.  I'm learning to be content where I am now.  I'm learning to be thankful for this season of my life rather than hopeful that the next one will be better.  I love what God is teaching me.  I love HOW He's teaching me, in just the way He knows I respond best.  My God is faithful & sovereign.

Not to mention, I have the sweetest friends on the planet so why would I want to run off & leave them just yet!?

     My challenge to you as readers is this: How often are you worried or concerned about what the future might hold?  How well do you deal with the unplanned?  Are you missing moments God is orchestrating by looking too far in front?  Do some self reflection & try to coerce your focus back to the here & now.  

     On a lighter note, tonight my friends & I went to the 54th Annual Carol of the Lights!  Here at Tech it's one of our many school traditions (my personal fav) where there is a ceremony, some singing & then all the Christmas lights on campus buildings light up all AT. ONE. TIME.  It's a blast & I'm super glad we went!  Here are some fun pics of our evening :)



Happy December, friendlies!  Peace & blessings!



  1. Loved this blog! I consistently have to fight against this struggle as well. Thanks for writing about it and giving us all an important reminder :)

  2. Thanks Hill! & thank you SOOO much for reading!