Hello Sweet Cheer: Home for the Holidays!


Home for the Holidays!

Hello lovelies!  I have been home for a week now & am thoroughly enjoying myself!

I got home last Friday around 11pm.  My drive from Lubbock back home consisted of lots of loud music, a few pit stops & a constant rain storm that I just couldn't get out of.  It was alright though, I actually enjoy a little rain while I drive.

     Over the weekend I got to hang out with my sweet best friend, Lauren!  I love catching up with her & getting into all kinds of shenanigans around town.  We had dinner downtown, took a few pictures by the Christmas tree, & drove around town checking out Christmas lights.  It was wonderful!

     This week my mom & sister have been at school during the day but my dad is already off for Christmas!  It's been nice to have him home!  In the past five days I've had a few lunches with friends, done some Christmas shopping, visited a local youth service, finished some decorations around the house & wrapped a lot of gifts.  I also got a little crafty.  I painted a canvas & decorated two mugs.  (both pinterest inspired, of course!)

This was a gift for Lauren who lives in South Carolina.  She kept Texas, I've got Carolina!  I like to think of them as modern day friendship bracelets!  ;)

This is a canvas I made that I will most likely hang in my house somewhere!  

     Tonight my sister & brother-in-law drove in from San Marcos!  They got here around 5:45pm just an hour before my parents were heading off to church to volunteer at an event.  My younger sister also had plans, she went to a friend's birthday party.  Since everyone was leaving, Callie, Justin & I went over to Justin's parents house (they're basically like family to me since they dated for so long) & hung out with their niece & nephew.  It was a blast!  They are just the sweetest!  Here are some fun pictures from the night.


Gavin James & Serenity Nyann

     I hope your homes are filled with the smell of Christmas baking, sights of twinkling lights, & sounds of many family members spending quality time together.  Merry Christmas!!

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