Hello Sweet Cheer: A Somber Day


A Somber Day

Disclaimer:  Today's post is heavy.  I have included one picture toward the end that might be disturbing to you.  If you are not prepared to see a visual representation of the truth behind eating disorders, I would advise you to leave this page.

Hi friends!  Happy Thursday!

     I don't usually post on Thursdays because I try to stick to a MWF blogging schedule.  But today my heart is breaking and I need to write about it.  Sorry to shift the mood from light and uplifting to somewhat sad, but I think this is a subject that deserves a little light shed on it.

     As a lot of you know I am minoring in Addiction, Disorder, Recovery Studies (ADRS).  With my minor I have to take 18 hours of ADRS courses and one of them is a class on Eating Disorders.  I'm taking it this semester and it's already tearing me up inside.  Over the course of the last two class meetings we watched a documentary called, "Thin" by Lauren Greenfield.  It chronicled the recovery process of a few women in the inpatient program at The Renfrew Center in Florida.  They didn't hold back.  This documentary revealed the hard truths about eating disorders.  We saw what was going on behind closed doors.  As I sat there in class watching these women live a train wreck of a life, my heart began to break.  I started to tear up as I watched them struggle.  My heart dropped into my stomach when a 15 year old, 100 pound girl was in tears as she repeated over and over, "I just want to be thin, I want to be thin!"  She later stated that she felt she had 40 pounds to still lose.  When a 25 year old woman named Shelly weighed in at 82.4 pounds, I was in shock.  Half way through treatment when she was beginning to gain weight and felt upset about weighing 90 pounds, I felt so incredibly sad.  I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing or what my ears were hearing.  The sadness that overwhelmed me in that moment was unbelievable.

     I'm not talking about this to make anyone else sad, or just for the sake of discussing these women and their lives.  I say all this to portray in words how my heart has been feeling today.  I'm not really sure how to process all of this.  I know I am in this class for a reason and I'm confident that the Lord is stirring up in me a new kind of compassion for his sons and daughters.  I am thankful that He is giving me eyes to see how His people are hurting.

     I don't know what else there is to say, except I wanted to not only process here, but I wanted to bring light to this deadly disease.  There are men and women struggling to go on day after day because of this addictive behavior and destructive disease.  I hope this post has opened your eyes slightly to the reality of eating disorders.  To be honest, I foresee many more posts on this subject.  Thanks for reading, sorry it wasn't very happy.

Peace & Blessings,


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