Hello Sweet Cheer: Insta Friday


Insta Friday

Happy Friday bloggie friends!!!!

Welcome to my newest & most favorite weekly post, Insta Friday.  I can't take credit for it though, I follow a lot of blogs faithfully & got the idea from a couple of them.  Without further adieu…

Last week my mom & I went down to The Woodlands to visit my Aunt Anne & cousin Lizzy!  My aunt had foot surgery a few days before we got there, so my mom wanted to help her around the house, cook some meals to freeze, etc.  I just wanted to tag along to see my Lizzy!

After The Woodlands we drove over to Beaumont to see my Granny & Gramps!

I drove back to Lubbock on Monday & right when I got home I started cleaning & taking down all my Christmas decorations!  This was the finished product.

On Tuesday I went back to work & was reunited with my little Aden.

I brought a few after-Christmas goodies for the babes.  All art work is now displayed in style!

I love to talk about how "domestic" I am.  Surely I have a long way to go to catch up to my momma but my friends seem to think I've got it down :)

Got a little Emoji crazy the other night.

Mattie & I at his wedding this summer #throwbackthursday


Last night I saw Gangster Squad with Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone & Sean Penn.  It was great!

Well that's it for today!  Have a fabulous weekend!!


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