Hello Sweet Cheer: Insta Friday


Insta Friday


Throwback Thursday. Senior night!

Throwback Thursday to when these future roommates
 of mine were mere acquaintances!

I did a few sock buns on my friends the other night!

 This is Babyhill.  She has interesting relationship with food.  
Here she is just buying a few essential items.

 I got to have lunch with my precious friend 
Kathryn at my favorite place ever, McAlister's, the other day!

Abby Graham.  Gotta love her.  This is from her 
unbirthday celebration on Monday! 

Decided to document the fact that I broke out my 
wedges for church on Sunday.  Yay for warm weather!

I was in Chipotle the other day and I saw this lady who looked EXACTLY 
like Korie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) from the side!

Just an every day conversation with my dad.  Lolz.

Have a great weekend! :) :)


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