Hello Sweet Cheer: Insta Saturday


Insta Saturday

     So I missed Wordless Wednesday & Insta Friday this week.  Blogger FAIL.  I guess Syllabus week really did me in.  So I declare today Insta Saturday!  Here are my missed posts.

Wordless Wednesday

Insta Friday

started reading this book the other day!  loving it so far. 

a trip to Sheridan's my freshman year when I 
only knew about 3 people in this picture #throwbackthursday 

dinner at market street last night with two of my favorites!

     That's it for this week.  I know, not fun at all!  I haven't been posting Instagrams as often as usual, but don't worry I won't disappoint next week!

Happy Weekend!!!



  1. I am about half way through the Duck Dynasty book. Easy read and fun! You have great taste in literature! Be sure to let Abby know she can borrow it. (she does not appreciate the Duck people)

  2. hahahaha thanks Janet!!! I'm loving it so far & yes I've gotten lots of grief from Ab about it…hehe