Hello Sweet Cheer: Spring 2013


Spring 2013

Happy Tuesday!!

As promised yesterday I want to talk about this upcoming semester (which starts tomorrow)!

     Spring 2013: I'm a junior, working as a nanny, taking 15 hours of class, hanging out with & leading at a youth group in town, preparing for Haiti in March, staying involved at The Wesley Foundation & attempting to maintain somewhat of a social life.

     I have a few things going on!  I'm super excited about what this semester holds & what plans God has for growing, stretching, & molding me into who He wants me to be.

     My job is wonderful.  The kids are good, their parents are awesome! They are so flexible & super understanding when I have conflicts or need time off.  I was signed up for 18 hours but with a few different factors weighing in, I decided to drop my math class since I can take it while I'm at home this summer!  It will be cheaper that way & will alleviate some of the stress of school.

     Hanging out with youth kids is seriously the best!  They're so much fun & I love to see their zest for life & how much they desire to serve the Lord.  Last semester I was attending a Tuesday morning girls bible study that Taylor (the director of student ministries) was leading.  We meet at United in the morning before the girls have to be at school.  This semester Taylor decided to pass off the leadership portion of the bible study to me!  I'm super excited!  We talked this morning & the girls expressed an interest in learning specifically about people in the Bible.  We decided on studying women in the Bible!  We'll check out Ruth, Sarah, Leah & Rachel, & the likes.  I think it'll be a fun semester & we'll all really learn a lot!

     As I shared yesterday, I'm going to Haiti in March.  Some time will definitely be spent preparing for the trip & lots of time will be dedicated to going out & raising the $2,000 needed for the trip!  The most time though will be spent in prayer, asking God to prepare my heart.  I am excited & expectant in knowing God is going to work!

     I'm still going to The Wesley Foundation & plan to stay involved mainly through morning bible study.  Stephen & Beth Campbell lead an awesome bible study that I got to be a part of last semester & I'm excited about what this semester holds for us!!  We used to meet Mon/Thurs 6am-8am but I believe we are changing that to Mon/Wed 6am-7:30am which will work out nicely because I have class at 8am on those days!  

     Lastly, yes I will attempt to maintain a social life & not allow the busyness to get in the way of fostering new friendships & maintaining current ones.  I'm excited for the slight changes in our friend group from last semester to this semester!

There you have it, friends.  Lots of anticipation going on right here!  But good anticipation & excitement about what the future holds!  Have a great day!


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