Hello Sweet Cheer: A Snow Day in Lubbock


A Snow Day in Lubbock

Hi friends!!

     I'm blogging pretty late tonight… which is super unusual with my hectic schedule this semester!  But here I am.  We had a snow day today and we have a delayed start to classes tomorrow!  This really came at such a perfect time!  I watched a movie, made a yummy breakfast, ventured outside for a little winter fun and hung out with my girlfriends for Bachelor night earlier.  It was a wonderful day!

     The reason I say this came at such a perfect time is because I've been dreading, I mean REALLY dreading this week.  On top of all my regularly scheduled weekly happenings, I have a test, a paper due, an interview for a practicum, I'm providing snacks for my small group, a dinner scheduled with a friend, an appointment to view a house with my roommates, and I'm leaving for San Antonio on Friday!!  Not to mention I'm leaving for Haiti in less than two weeks and still have lots of preparing to do!  Phew.  That is a seriously packed week!

     Point being, getting today to relax and recharge was a huge blessing.  God always knows just when we need a little down time, doesn't He?  I do my best not to allow myself to get caught up in the rat race, and really attempt to live day to day in the moment.  But it gets tough.  So today was an incredible reminder for me to just slow down.  A great little break for God to whisper to me, "Don't lose focus, remember what this life is truly about."  I love how God works in such specific ways and knows just how to love me so well.

Here are some quick pictures from my day!

     I attempted to make a snowman, which doesn't really go so well when you're by yourself.  My roommate is from Germany, so snow isn't a big deal to her!  I had to fly solo on my snow fun today.  I decided this little guy is more of a snow minion than a true snowman.  Hey, I tried!

     I had lots of fun inside too!!  I made snow cream!  In honor of my dear family-friend Mrs. Dee!!  She makes it and it is so yummy!

     Like I said earlier, I enjoyed a yummy breakfast of cinnamon and chocolate chip pancakes, watched the movie Catch Me if You Can (one of my favs!), and just relaxed all curled up in my favorite chair!

     At the end of today I felt refreshed and rested!  I'm ready to tackle this week with all that I have! And I get to end it with the most special of events, a wedding!  I'm so excited to witness my precious friends David and Jenna tie the knot this Saturday!  

     Before I end this, I have to make clear that things aren't perfect.  Or just that things are always so peachy.  I never want to seem like I blog only about the greatest days I have or the most happy and exciting things in my life.  I want this to be a place of honesty and I want life to be portrayed in the most realistic way possible!  So in light of being honest and real, as much as I loved today and had a ton of fun, the truth is that I felt a hint of loneliness.  I loved playing in the snow, but I was alone.  I loved the excitement of a day off, but at times was wishing I had someone to spend it with.  Without sounding like some whiny, single, college girl, I recognized today that I might have enjoyed things more if I had that special someone to share it with.  

     Please, please don't get me wrong.  I am so thankful for the WONDERFUL friends and amazing family the Lord has blessed me with.  I love my community and the spiritual leaders in my life.  All of that however, doesn't change the fact that I have a real desire to be married one day.  I have a real desire to have a man in my life who loves me like Christ loved the church and whom I can love and respect and submit to for all my days.  I love that God has put that desire in my heart!  I'm not ashamed or embarrassed about it and I am hopeful that God has a plan for that part of my life.  With this subject, I want to emphasize the following truths (for my sake and the sake of any other singles out there who sometimes feel the void):

          - Life doesn't magically begin once you're married.  Life is here and now, single or not.

          - Marriage will not meet your deepest needs.  That is something only Christ can do.

          - There is nothing wrong with you if you're single.  There isn't some key thing you can change that will all of a sudden have guys fighting over you.  

     I love reminding myself of these things and feeling the peace of knowing that the time will come.  I love using my single days to glorify the Lord and further the Kingdom, just as I will use my married days for the same purposes.  

Happy Monday!!

Thanks for reading :)  


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