Hello Sweet Cheer: Heart Shaped Everything


Heart Shaped Everything

Hi friends!

     Today I'm gonna skip out on my Wordless Wednesday segment since I have hearts and love to talk about!!

     I wanted to try out some valentine-themed snacks today, so we went with strawberries and bananas, and tortillas with butter (Aden's favorite) all shaped like hearts!  Morgan is allergic to gluten so he couldn't have the flour tortillas, and he was pretty sad.  But I made it up to him with a yummy orange!

This was so much fun for me!

Here they are enjoying their treat!! (with Ellen on in the background of course :D)

And Aden loved her heart shaped tortillas!

     After they had a snack and when The Ellen Show was over, (we watch it every day and belly laugh!) things got really exciting.  I had promised them a Valentine surprise because they are ALL about surprises!  I went out to my car and brought back a Valentine card and two wrapped gifts.  They closed their eyes until the moment I handed it over!  I took some clips of video while they were opening but only got still shots of afterward!  


     They were so excited about their Valentine monkeys!!  These kiddos are crazy for stuffed animals so I knew it'd be a big hit.  Then they asked if they could do surprised face… Needless to say, I happily obliged.  

They were so pumped about naming them!  
L-R Chocolate (Morgan's), Caramel (Aden's)

     Lastly, I thought I'd include the video clips I took of them for all my non-vine readers!  If you don't know what that means, no worries, it's just the latest trendy app for smart phones.  Here it is!

Happy ALMOST Valentine's Day!!  Love and hearts.


P.S. I would have saved their gifts for tomorrow since it's actually Valentine's day, but I only have Aden on Thursdays, so I wanted them to open them together!!  See ya tomorrow.

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