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Life Lately

As I’ve mentioned before I’m leading a girl’s bible study on Tuesday mornings with my youth girls.  This semester we’re talking about women of the bible.  The first two weeks we focused on Naomi and Ruth.  These two women were humble and trusting.  They knew the Lord would take care of them in their time of need and were faithful to Him through it.  Yesterday we talked about Abigail, who really personifies the term ‘empowering’.  She was bold, courageous and took a risk most wouldn’t take.  Next week we’re delving into the “not so reputable” woman, Bathsheba.  I really love teaching and love that I’m learning so much.  I saw the story of Ruth in an entirely new light, I learned Abigail’s story (which I didn’t know before), and now I’m excited to study something I’m pretty familiar with, the life of Bathsheba.  I know God will reveal new things and I’m pumped about it!

Today was a bit of a refresher for me.  I woke up too late to go to my 6am bible study and ended up sleeping in pretty late.  I’ve been going and going for the last few weeks and although it was unintentional, I really think I needed a day to rest.  My body was telling me all day yesterday to slow down, but of course I had way too many things I wanted to accomplish or be involved in to listen to that little voice that told me, “You need a nap!”  I’m quickly realizing what it’s like to constantly be busy.  I actually really like it. 

            This semester has started off well.  I’m learning, growing, maturing, serving, socializing, resting, teaching, making new friends, and just enjoying life.  Don’t get me wrong, things aren’t always peachy, but I truly don’t have too much to complain about.  The Lord is good to me.  He protects me, and He speaks tenderly to me.

I know this is pretty short, but I just wanted to give a quick update on what’s going on here in the West!  Happy Wednesday, friendlies!

And happy February!  Love on someone today.


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