Hello Sweet Cheer: Love Week is Here!


Love Week is Here!

I am SO EXCITED about Love Week!

     Here's the deal… I adore holidays.  I love decorating my house, getting in the spirit, baking, and all the fun that comes along with holidays.  This week one of my FAVORITES is coming up!


     I couldn't be more excited about baking heart shaped cookies, decorating my little home with paper doilies and red candies, giving little treats to the ones I love, and celebrating the wonderful gift of LOVE!  Here on my blog I'd like to share with you what I'm doing through out the week to celebrate!  I'm calling it Love Week.  Welcome!

     Today, I got to decorating!!  I put up a little homemade banner, set out the red and pink candy, and tossed a few doilies here and there.  Check out my banner and how I made it!



Red letter stickers (4in) or a red marker/paint
Old bible pages or any paper you like
Scotch tape

     I started with some leftover red sticker letters from the canvas project I did in December.  I don't have any plans for more canvases anytime soon (though I'm sure I'll make more at some point) so I decided to go ahead and make good use of them!  I didn't have all the letters to spell out what I wanted ("Happy Love Week") so I tried the ole cut up pieces of letters to make different ones trick!  It worked marvelously, and no one will ever know!  Except you all I guess…  I had a bible I bought for my last craft using scripture so I tore out enough pages for each letter in my phrase. In my case, I needed 13.  I grabbed pages from Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.  I wanted something having to do with love so I went for Song of Solomon, but it's a pretty short book so I had to use some others.  I had some tan string laying around so I used that and my trusty roll of scotch tape.  I would have rather used jute or twine but I was going for a free decoration this time!

Here's the process:

     Gather the letters for your phrase and stick them right onto the page.  For a more decorative effect, I went with a triangle cut out at the bottom of the page.  You could do the opposite and make the paper a big triangle, leave it as is, or go for something more intricate like a jagged edge.

     Take your string and lay it across the back of the paper.  Tape the string to paper but be sure to put a piece of tape at both corners so as to keep the paper from moving around too much once it's hung.

Repeat until you've strung together all the letters to make your phrase!

Here's what it should look like once hung!  And the finished product!

     That's what I spent most of my afternoon doing!  It was a lot of fun and really didn't take too long!  If you have all your materials right in front of you it shouldn't take longer than an hour from start to finish!  I also did some simple decorating throughout the living area.  I used pink, white and red paper doilies along with some valentine's candy and a few bowls I had in the cabinet!

Hope you enjoyed this post!  

Have any fun tips or exciting plans for Valentine's day or the week leading up to it?  Let me know in the comments below!!  I'd love to hear from you!

Love and hearts,


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