Hello Sweet Cheer: Valentine's Crafting


Valentine's Crafting

Happy Tuesday friends!

Today I did a little Valentine crafting with the little girl I babysit, Aden.  

     Before I get to that, I want to talk just a bit about love languages.  Here's the deal, I've known since I could understand what a hug is, that my number one love language is physical touch.  It is and always will be the number one way I RECEIVE love.  Recently I've been learning more about how I GIVE love.  I also give love through physical touch, but am realizing how much I truly enjoy giving love through gifts!  I am so happy when I get to make, bake, buy or think of a gift for someone I love!  Seeing the look on their face and knowing they are appreciative of it is so fun!  It's interesting how much one can learn about themselves if they just try!  I'm super glad the Lord is teaching me more about how he made me.

     On to the crafting!  We had a ton of fun and it was a nice change of pace from watching cartoons all afternoon!  Here are some pictures of our time.


Thanks for reading again today!  Hope your week is swell.  Love and hearts!

Have you done any fun Valentine crafting with kiddos? 

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