Hello Sweet Cheer: March 2013


He is RISEN!!

Happy Easter, friendlies!!

Rejoice is the fact that although we weren't worth death on a cross, Christ made us worth it by dying on a cross! Happy Resurrection Day, Easter changes EVERYTHING!

Peace, Mere


Insta Friday

Hi friends!  Here's my weekly Insta Friday post!  Sorry it's coming at you so late in the day… I'm at home with my family and I've been spending time with them all day today!  It's been superb.

Lunch with my friend Ama!

A slightly early birthday gift for babyhead!

Road trip to the DFdub with Jenna!

Today I got to have coffee with my sweet sissy!

That's all for this week!

Happy Good Friday, friends!  This night is a symbol of the brutal death our Savior died to pay for our great sin.  Let that truth wash over you tonight!

Peace, Mere


Wordy Wednesday, the overflowing thoughts of my heart.

     Alright, you got me.  That title is way beyond cheesy and runs right on into LAME.

     In other news… today is the part of the week when I normally post another installment of "Wordless Wednesday".  When I started looking for a picture to use, I got into my pictures from Haiti and decided there is still way too much to say about the trip, so we're taking a one week hiatus from that series and staying right here with a normal post.

     Close your eyes and try to picture this in your mind's eye.  You're sitting on a wooden bench, slightly glistening from the blazing hot weather, listening to a young girl's words (in Creole, might I add), and watching the pain in her eyes as she slyly brings up the topic of abuse.  You see, though she isn't speaking your language, you can just sense what the subject is.  Sure enough, when the interpreter begins to retell what she was saying in English, your heart sinks as your suspicions have been confirmed.  She asked, "What should you do if you know you shouldn't have sex because the Bible says it's wrong, but you have a boyfriend whom you love very much and he'll leave you if you don't have sex with him. He might even hurt you if you don't. I'm asking for a friend."

Side note: No one is ever asking for their friend, am I right?

     These are the moments I won't forget.  These are the minutes I'll continue to replay in my head, over and over again.  These girls I speak of are the very faces I see when I pray fervently for the redemption of the youth in Haiti.  Even when I pray against the horrific realities of sexual abuse, trafficking, and immorality, I see THEIR faces.  These are the women whose stories have broken my heart.  These are the sobering realities my heart and mind must process as I go on with my day-to-day life.

     If that example isn't enough to open your eyes to what is going on in Haiti, and all over the world including the U.S., try this one on for size.  In the town I have been visiting year after year, where the people are beautiful, and joyful, and desperate to hold my hand, mothers are prostituting their daughters, their young daughters (ages 8 or 9 and up), for ONE DOLLAR AND TWENTY-FIVE CENTS.  Yes.  A dollar and a quarter is given in exchange for a young girl's body.  This is devastating.

     While these things are rough and no one wants to hear them, nor carry the burden that they hold, these times have been some of the most impacting of my life.  In 20 years, some of the most heartbreaking, yet challenging moments of growth have happened on those very wooden benches, in that warm military tent, listening to those precious voices.  These are the moments that the Lord changed me from a brokenhearted American to an advocate for women who are in desperate need of someone to listen, speak, and pray on their behalf.

     I want to emphasize that I am in no way trying to say that because I'm an advocate for these women that I am somehow their healer as well.  That is not at all the point here.  I am an advocate for them in the sense that I MUST share the Gospel with them, I MUST love on them like they are valuable, and I MUST drop to my knees in prayer for them.  While I don't know what exactly God has planned for my life, or what exactly He has in mind for advocating for these women, I do know that I am called to pray, share, and love.  And that applies to all relationships and encounters in my life.

     So the reality of abuse and prostitution is sad, it hurts, and it definitely isn't fun to hear.  It makes us uncomfortable, we don't know how to respond to it, and sometimes we just want to pretend we never learned of it.  Friends, there is GOOD NEWS!  Our God is forgiving, redeeming, just, and saving!  He sacrificed His only Son to bring His people back to Him and get the glory He deserves!  My Jesus died a BRUTAL death and endured the wrath of an almighty and just God, so that I might be able to live in righteousness and know Him as my Father.  That is incredible news, people!!!  These women have been beaten, bruised, objectified, taken advantage of, and treated like they have no value at all, but Jesus is BIGGER THAN ALL OF THAT.  He takes hold of their hearts and souls, not only to save them from their own depravity, but to HEAL and REDEEM them from the way they have been sinned against.  Join with me in advocating for the people in this world who don't have the ability to do it themselves.

Happy Wednesday, people!  The weekend is coming!!! As always, thanks for reading!


P.S. And because it can't be ignored… A little spoken word from Jefferson Bethke on EASTER!


Back from Haiti, the processing has begun!

WARNING: This is pretty long.  I'm so sorry!

     Well, I've been home for almost a week and I'm finally getting this post up.  Honestly, I've been trying to process everything and just figure out what to blog about.  I've been working, editing, rewriting and perfecting this post since Tuesday so I'm hoping it will be the first of many meaningful posts about the trip!  There's so much that happened, so many things God taught me and I could tell stories for days!  It was an incredible week and I feel blessed to have been able to go!  I'm not sure where this post will go, but I think I'll just start writing and see what the Lord brings me.

     I guess I'll start the long series of blogs with a sweet story.  On the second day in The Mole (Tuesday) we took a tap-tap to the village of Marre-Rouge.  It's a place I got to go to last year as well, so I loved going back!  My group was assigned to do VBS and we started the morning by playing with kids in the street while we waited to talk to the pastor of the church in town.  We were dancing, singing, playing hand games, etc.  While we were waiting I noticed my sweet friend Ama playing with the most precious boy.  (If you read the blog while we were gone, you've heard this story already, my apologies).

Junior and his precious red hat!

     He had a smile that would melt any heart and an undeniable joy radiating from his eyes.  We later found out his name was Junior and we were IN LOVE.  By the way, while Ama was dancing with him he was, NO LIE, moving his tiny little hips like a salsa dancing PRO!  Once we were done with the VBS activities, we had to wait on one of our passengers before we could head back to The Mole.

     Just to put the situation in perspective for you, I want to share a few things.  First of all, we were waiting WELL past the time we were supposed to leave.  This village is about an hour away from The Mole and we were supposed to be back and having lunch by noon.  We didn't leave Marre-Rouge until about 1:15, which had us eating lunch past 2pm!  We were all hot and hungry and even a little frustrated that this lady we were waiting on was taking so long at the Market.  Okay, so there's the picture.  Also important to know is something Jody (the missionary we work with) had told us earlier in the week.  During one of our evening devotions she said, "Disappointments are shekinah appointments".  That's something that really stuck with all of us through the week.  Shekinah is hebrew for the Glory of God.  She encouraged us to view the disappointments as divine appointments to bring the shekinah of God down.  Can you even believe that?  If you are a follower of Jesus with His Holy Spirit living inside of you, you have been given the power to call down the very GLORY of God!  That's huge!  And way super cool, too.  Be encouraged that God chose to work through us and allow us to perform miracles even greater than Jesus did!  (John 14:12)

     Okay back to little Junior!  While we were waiting Ama noticed Junior’s parents standing outside their gate, so we grabbed our translator, Pierre, and started talking with them.  Through our conversation we found out that his dad was a doctor and a follower of Jesus, along with the rest of his family.  He asked us to keep him, his family and his clinic in our prayers.  We said of course we would be praying for them and in that moment the Lord said, "What are you waiting for?"  If you've ever heard God tell you something, you know it's not to be ignored!  So I quickly asked if we could lay hands on them and pray right then.  They agreed and we got to go inside the clinic and pray for the ministry they are doing in the community!  It was super cool and definitely a disappointment turned into a Shekinah appointment!

     Okay I think I'm going to stop with that today.  I have SO MUCH to share, but I don't want to overwhelm you with too much all in one post.  No one wants to spend 30 minutes reading one blog, am I right?!  Thanks so much for reading and for caring so much.  It makes my heart so happy that the Lord has blessed me with this fun way of sharing!  I am so grateful to all of you who read!  Thank you, thank you!!

Happy Saturday!!

Blessings, Mere


Insta Friday

     So sorry I haven't blogged about Haiti just yet.  I've been working on a post but it's taking me a while as I'm still processing a lot of things!  Here's my Insta Friday that covers the last two weeks!

Right before we got on our flight to Miami!

The time we had to wake up to catch our flight to Port au Prince!

My last post before leaving the country!

Sweet boy I met at a school in a nearby village.

A sweet new friend, Hailey!

Teaching the kids to do a guns up! Wreck 'em.

My sweet friend Wendji, so glad to know her.

A little Starbucks to brighten my morning.

Precious faces.

That's all!  Be on the lookout for my first post about Haiti.  Hoping to have it up this weekend!

As always, thanks for reading.  Find me on Instagram, I'm @meremoorman.

Happy Weekend!


Insta Friday

Happy Friday friendlies!  And happy Spring Break!!!

Only one little baby instagram this week! #throwbackthursday


A Farewell to Readers

Well here goes my farewell post…

(I'll still do Insta Friday tomorrow, but this will be my last real post before I leave!)

     Picture this: Sitting on the back of a truck (better known as a tap-tap), driving over potholes, warm breeze hitting our faces, a slight stench in the air, beautiful, joyful people excitedly greeting us, gorgeous ocean in the distance, and a feeling I just can't quite pin point.  A feeling only present in this specific situation.

     In three days, I will feel that feeling once more.  The excitement of what's to come, mystery of what God has planned, love for the souls I'll encounter, joy that I get to be a part of God's mission in this country… I could go on, but I won't.  I am beyond excited and have ventured into frenzied, adrenalized, psyched, AMPED.  I'm ready.  Spiritually, emotionally, physically, as much as possible, I'm ready.

     Please be in prayer for our trip.  We have yet to complete fundraising, so we definitely need prayer in that area.  We have had a LOT of changes to our team over the past few weeks so we haven't really gotten a change to gel as a group.  I'd love it if you could pray for unity within our team and a common goal of sharing the Gospel and furthering the Kingdom.  Pray against sickness, injury, travel issues, etc.  I am so blessed to have this place, my blog, to ask for prayer.  I'm humbled that anyone even reads what I write, so I feel so lucky that I have your support.  Thank you for reading and thank you for praying!

     Lastly, since I won't be here, I obviously won't be blogging BUT there will be a place where you can follow along with our team and our Haitian adventures!  We will be blogging all week at www.molehaiti.wordpress.com.  Last year I got a chance to write one day, but who knows what will happen this year!  A member or two of our team will write about our day each night.  In addition, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave comments on that blog!  Each night after dinner we will get to hear all the comments people have posted on our entries.  I can't explain what it would mean to me to hear from my friends, family, and readers while I'm there.  It's a huge encouragement and a boost going into the following day.  Please consider writing a comment on our daily posts!

I'll be back tomorrow for Insta Friday, but other than that, see you again in 11 days!

Blessings, Mere


A wonderful weekend + a little Insta Monday

Happy Monday friends!

     So I missed Insta Friday because I was on the road headed to San Antonio for a wedding!  To make up for it I'll post my Instagrams from last week, today!  Before that though, I want to tell you about my weekend.

     On Friday I drove down to San Antonio with a few friends, and that evening we went to the San Marcos outlets.  My friend lives in Bulverde which is where we were staying (only about 20 minutes from the wedding) but since it's a small town they usually drive to the outlets to go shopping.  I loved that because it meant I could see my sister Callie!  Her and my brother-in-law, Justin, live in San Marcos so she met us at the outlets and I got to hang out with her for about 30 minutes!  It was wonderful!  Then Saturday I drove into town and watched my high school drill team compete!  It was a crazy coincidence that I was there the same weekend they were competing so I had to take advantage of that!  I got to hang out with my director Shara and her assistant April, who I'm friends with (she graduated from my high school '07 and was the Captain her senior year).  It was so much fun getting to catch up with them and see the girls dance.  They did great and I loved being there!  That evening was the wedding and it was so beautiful!  It was on a golf course, so the setting was breathtaking.  I had lots of fun with friends and loved being able to witness David and Jenna tie the knot!  Yesterday we drove back to Lubbock and this is the LAST WEEK before Spring Break!  That means I leave for Haiti in FIVE DAYS!  I am so excited!  It's kind of crazy how quick spring break has come this year!  I'm so ready to get there and see how the Lord wants to use us!!

And without further adieu, Insta Monday!

A skirt I got at…. WALMART for 12 bucks. Perfect.

Girl's night at Caprock Cafe!

Saturday ice cream stop at Holly Hops!

A birthday insty for my bestie, Lauren! Happy 21st!

My snow day in three small pictures.

Another snow day pic.

Hanging out in the dressing room at the drill team competition!

Let the wedding instys begin!

Beautiful Jenna walking down the aisle.

The kiss!

Mr. & Mrs. David Coutts!

I had a wonderful weekend!  How was yours?!  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

Have a great week, friends!