Hello Sweet Cheer: A Farewell to Readers


A Farewell to Readers

Well here goes my farewell post…

(I'll still do Insta Friday tomorrow, but this will be my last real post before I leave!)

     Picture this: Sitting on the back of a truck (better known as a tap-tap), driving over potholes, warm breeze hitting our faces, a slight stench in the air, beautiful, joyful people excitedly greeting us, gorgeous ocean in the distance, and a feeling I just can't quite pin point.  A feeling only present in this specific situation.

     In three days, I will feel that feeling once more.  The excitement of what's to come, mystery of what God has planned, love for the souls I'll encounter, joy that I get to be a part of God's mission in this country… I could go on, but I won't.  I am beyond excited and have ventured into frenzied, adrenalized, psyched, AMPED.  I'm ready.  Spiritually, emotionally, physically, as much as possible, I'm ready.

     Please be in prayer for our trip.  We have yet to complete fundraising, so we definitely need prayer in that area.  We have had a LOT of changes to our team over the past few weeks so we haven't really gotten a change to gel as a group.  I'd love it if you could pray for unity within our team and a common goal of sharing the Gospel and furthering the Kingdom.  Pray against sickness, injury, travel issues, etc.  I am so blessed to have this place, my blog, to ask for prayer.  I'm humbled that anyone even reads what I write, so I feel so lucky that I have your support.  Thank you for reading and thank you for praying!

     Lastly, since I won't be here, I obviously won't be blogging BUT there will be a place where you can follow along with our team and our Haitian adventures!  We will be blogging all week at www.molehaiti.wordpress.com.  Last year I got a chance to write one day, but who knows what will happen this year!  A member or two of our team will write about our day each night.  In addition, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave comments on that blog!  Each night after dinner we will get to hear all the comments people have posted on our entries.  I can't explain what it would mean to me to hear from my friends, family, and readers while I'm there.  It's a huge encouragement and a boost going into the following day.  Please consider writing a comment on our daily posts!

I'll be back tomorrow for Insta Friday, but other than that, see you again in 11 days!

Blessings, Mere

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