Hello Sweet Cheer: Back from Haiti, the processing has begun!


Back from Haiti, the processing has begun!

WARNING: This is pretty long.  I'm so sorry!

     Well, I've been home for almost a week and I'm finally getting this post up.  Honestly, I've been trying to process everything and just figure out what to blog about.  I've been working, editing, rewriting and perfecting this post since Tuesday so I'm hoping it will be the first of many meaningful posts about the trip!  There's so much that happened, so many things God taught me and I could tell stories for days!  It was an incredible week and I feel blessed to have been able to go!  I'm not sure where this post will go, but I think I'll just start writing and see what the Lord brings me.

     I guess I'll start the long series of blogs with a sweet story.  On the second day in The Mole (Tuesday) we took a tap-tap to the village of Marre-Rouge.  It's a place I got to go to last year as well, so I loved going back!  My group was assigned to do VBS and we started the morning by playing with kids in the street while we waited to talk to the pastor of the church in town.  We were dancing, singing, playing hand games, etc.  While we were waiting I noticed my sweet friend Ama playing with the most precious boy.  (If you read the blog while we were gone, you've heard this story already, my apologies).

Junior and his precious red hat!

     He had a smile that would melt any heart and an undeniable joy radiating from his eyes.  We later found out his name was Junior and we were IN LOVE.  By the way, while Ama was dancing with him he was, NO LIE, moving his tiny little hips like a salsa dancing PRO!  Once we were done with the VBS activities, we had to wait on one of our passengers before we could head back to The Mole.

     Just to put the situation in perspective for you, I want to share a few things.  First of all, we were waiting WELL past the time we were supposed to leave.  This village is about an hour away from The Mole and we were supposed to be back and having lunch by noon.  We didn't leave Marre-Rouge until about 1:15, which had us eating lunch past 2pm!  We were all hot and hungry and even a little frustrated that this lady we were waiting on was taking so long at the Market.  Okay, so there's the picture.  Also important to know is something Jody (the missionary we work with) had told us earlier in the week.  During one of our evening devotions she said, "Disappointments are shekinah appointments".  That's something that really stuck with all of us through the week.  Shekinah is hebrew for the Glory of God.  She encouraged us to view the disappointments as divine appointments to bring the shekinah of God down.  Can you even believe that?  If you are a follower of Jesus with His Holy Spirit living inside of you, you have been given the power to call down the very GLORY of God!  That's huge!  And way super cool, too.  Be encouraged that God chose to work through us and allow us to perform miracles even greater than Jesus did!  (John 14:12)

     Okay back to little Junior!  While we were waiting Ama noticed Junior’s parents standing outside their gate, so we grabbed our translator, Pierre, and started talking with them.  Through our conversation we found out that his dad was a doctor and a follower of Jesus, along with the rest of his family.  He asked us to keep him, his family and his clinic in our prayers.  We said of course we would be praying for them and in that moment the Lord said, "What are you waiting for?"  If you've ever heard God tell you something, you know it's not to be ignored!  So I quickly asked if we could lay hands on them and pray right then.  They agreed and we got to go inside the clinic and pray for the ministry they are doing in the community!  It was super cool and definitely a disappointment turned into a Shekinah appointment!

     Okay I think I'm going to stop with that today.  I have SO MUCH to share, but I don't want to overwhelm you with too much all in one post.  No one wants to spend 30 minutes reading one blog, am I right?!  Thanks so much for reading and for caring so much.  It makes my heart so happy that the Lord has blessed me with this fun way of sharing!  I am so grateful to all of you who read!  Thank you, thank you!!

Happy Saturday!!

Blessings, Mere

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  1. Loved learning what a Shekinah appointment is. Its so true that God uses every minute of our time for His glory, especially when we think its just wasted seconds. Loved this post and all the pictures!