Hello Sweet Cheer: And the busyness sets in!


And the busyness sets in!

Okay so I missed my Wednesday post AND my Friday post!  So sorry, friends!

     This week has been just a bit crazy and I've been swamped every moment of the day!  After a long week and a full weekend I'm just getting a moment to sit down in my recliner and relax.  So here I am, finally getting to post for the week.

I'll start with Insta Friday…!

On our way to Palo Duro last weekend!

Abby and I while hiking!

A lazy Sunday afternoon.

This is what happens when people take 
selfies on my phone.  They get posted :)

I filed my intent to graduate! Ahhh!

Jen and I made a little treat basket for our friend
Hillary! She was super stressed about school work.

Me and Abby's numbers at McAlisters… Meant to be, I tell you!

#tbt to the drill team days :)

Friday night lights! Open practice at the Jones.

Abby in my favorite chair :)

Happy Hour!!

     To be completely honest, the end of the semester is getting crazy and I'm getting tired.  I'm so ready for a break from school.  I'm ready to be at home in McKinney.  I'm ready to see my family for 3 months straight.  I'm ready to see some specific friends I haven't gotten see in a while.  I'm just worn out and counting down the days until I'm home!  And when things begin to get overwhelming, the Lord always makes himself known.  After this busy weekend I just had, I would usually have 6am bible study and an 8am class tomorrow morning.  But thankfully I get to sleep in!!  My bible study got cancelled and for my class we have a work day.  I am so thankful!  I need a little time to unwind!  

     As for my weekend, I have been refinishing my kitchen table and chairs!  They used to have a blond stained wood with blue painted legs.  I have changed the blue to black and given the wood a darker finish.  I'm almost finished but still have some chairs to do and some last touches to complete!  Shout out to my bestie, Abby, for helping me with this huge project!!  So far, here is what one chair looks like done!!!

                                 Before                                         After

     I'm excited to get everything completed and back in the house!  Hope your weekend was as productive as mine!!

Happy Sunday!

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