Hello Sweet Cheer: Midweek Ramblings


Midweek Ramblings

Hi friends!

     Have you ever had the feeling that you just need to get some things out?  Get something down on paper?  Maybe you just need to purge all the things that are crowding your mind?  Today is that day for me.  I think I just need to get some things out.

     This past weekend I got to go home to my sweet family and spend some much needed quality time with them.  I loved getting to lay on the couch in my living room, under my favorite Texas Tech blanket while my dad watched the evening news.  I loved having coffee at the kitchen table while my parents made breakfast.  I loved when night fell and my siblings and I got to chat.  I loved going grocery shopping for my mom when she had 10,000 things to accomplish.  These are things I never realized I loved until I moved away.  I now cherish these simple moments at home!

My family on Easter!  Without my sister Callie and both my sister's husbands.

     I got to go to Good Friday service at my parents church, which was AWESOME.  It was an incredibly visual service and had me in tears most of the time.  It was heart breaking to be reminded of the brutality of what Jesus endured for us.  I watched a video clip of David Platt speaking recently and he said something really cool.  He was talking about how it wasn't the nails driven into Jesus' wrists or the crown placed on His head that saved us from our sin.  He said what saved us was the very wrath of God that Jesus endured.  Okay, so I already knew that and I'm sure a lot of you did too… but to hear it explained so well and emphasized was refreshing!  It was an incredible reminder of what Jesus really did on that night.

     I'm reading through The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler right now, and it's totally rocking my world!  I love it.  I'm an avid podcast listener so I'm pretty familiar with people like Matt Chandler, David Platt, Mark Driscoll, etc. who have tons of sermons online.  I super enjoy just soaking in knowledge from such great teachers.  Any who… Here's an excerpt from the book that I have been chewing on and thinking about for weeks now!  Enjoy.

     "If we don't understand the bad news, we will never grasp the good news.  The bad news is not just that we don't measure up to the law but that by the works of the law none of us will be justified before God (Gal. 2:16).  What alternatives to the cross are there?  Be a good man?  Be a good woman?  Be a good Boy Scout or Girl Scout for Jesus?  This is what it boils down to for many in the church: replacing the centrality of the cross with something more appealing, something we think is more weighty.  In fact, all across the evangelical landscape, people want to get away from the shame and the blood and the guts and the horrific slaughter of Jesus Christ and focus on something else with the cross out on the margins.
     But the reason we do this isn't so much to rectify an imbalance but to idolatrously elevate ourselves.  It's like the charismatics who want to make the day of Pentecost central to the Christian faith.  Or to the calvinists who want to make TULIP central.  Liberals want to make social justice the center.  Fundamentalists want to make moral behavior the center.  (Their motto is, "Do, do, do," but the cross screams out "Done!")  All of those things are good things, biblical things.  But to make any of them the center of the Christian faith, the grounds of our hope is to disregard the only power of salvation--the message of the cross." - The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler

     Isn't it crazy how much we try to make it about us?  We are all about what makes us feel good and comfortable.  That is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Gospel is offensive, uncomfortable, scandalous, and about Him, for His glory…and it MUST be that!  Amen!

I think I've almost over stayed my welcome with this post.
Happy Wednesday, friends!

Here's that David Platt video I was talking about! :)

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