Hello Sweet Cheer: Three weeks left!


Three weeks left!

     Well today is supposed to be Insta Friday… But I haven't posted anything since the last Insta Friday!  Eeek!  I usually post pretty often so if you're on Instagram follow me!  I'm meremoorman.

Anyway, Happy Friday people!!!!

     This weekend should be a fun one for me!  Tomorrow is the spring football game…can't wait!  I miss football season so much!  It will be a lot of fun to see the players dressed out and have all the spirit squads there!  Today is fun because I got the day off of work!  I went to lunch with my friend Abby and then I was getting ready to go pick up Morgan from preschool when his mom called and said she got off work early and would pick up the kids!  It's such a nice surprise to get the afternoon off, especially on a Friday!  Since I have the afternoon off Abby and I are about to go get some ice cream and then come back to my house and finish up painting the chairs!!  No I still haven't finished…eeek!

Okay now to the real subject of this post… THREE WEEKS LEFT OF JUNIOR YEAR!

     I really can't believe it!  I'm about to be a SENIOR in college.  What. The. Heck.  It has gone by so incredibly fast.  I can remember the days and days I spent packing up my bedroom at home to come out to Lubbock.  I remember the very first time I made the 5 1/2 hour drive all by myself!  I remember the first friends I made…my Foundation buddies Heather and Christine!  My freshman roommate Megan, and my sweet friend Amanda who lived next door.  I'll never forget my first hall meeting, the first time I met my CA Leah, my first time at the Wesley, and so much more.  I remember thinking…these are going to be the best four years of my life!  And they have been so fun.  But I know the Lord has even more in store for me!  I know that as time passes I will see more of the Glory of God!  I know that He has a specific plan for my life…I love that He is already bringing some of that to fruition through my time here in Lubbock.  Here are some throwback pictures from my first year as a college student!


     So graduation is only a year away!  But in the short term…I get to go home for the summer!!! I'm SO excited.  I'm ready to relax for the summer!  I can't believe it's only three shorts weeks away!! And guess what…I get to see these people…….!!!


All. Summer!

Happy Weekend!!!


P.S. THIS IS MY 100TH POST! Yippppeeeee!

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