Hello Sweet Cheer: A One-Handed Post


A One-Handed Post

     Well here I am, three days after a rough game of red rover in a "wrist splint", as the doctor calls it, (which looks and feels much more like a cast might to me) feeling pretty helpless.

     Today is Thursday.  I've had gimp hand since Monday.  I saw the triage nurse at the clinic on Tuesday.  I got x-rays and saw the sports medicine physician today where I was told that I fractured the neck of my second and third metacarpals.  I was also told I'll have a gimp hand (cast) for 4-6 weeks.  HUGE. BUMMER.

I went from this on Monday night…

To this Tuesday morning…

To this Tuesday afternoon…

And now this beast!

     Thankfully, my bones were still in alignment so there was no extra pain happening in the doctor's office, no surgery or re-breaking required...just this nuisance of a cast!  I am trying my best to choose to be joyful.  I am blessed to have the ability to get medical attention, takes meds to ease the pain, and have great friends and family to help me out while I'm one-handed! 

     To be transparent though, this is really tough.  I have to move out of my house next week which will be a huge challenge with one hand!  I'm trying to be positive but I totally left the doctor's office crying my eyes out.  I don't want this silly cast and I want to be able to use my hand!  

     On another note, these past few days have given me incredible perspective on what it's like to have less than four limbs.  As humans, we use our hands EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY.  I totally appreciate my working body so much more now!  Be thankful for what you have and where you are…and try to take life as it comes!  I'm SO learning that today!!

So, happy Thursday to all!  Hope your day was less broken than mine!!


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  1. GIRL! So sad for you and your hurt hand. Praying for you.