Hello Sweet Cheer: Summer is in full swing...


Summer is in full swing...

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

     It's May 28th, the day after Memorial Day which means summer is officially underway!  I've been finished with school for weeks now but there's just something about Memorial Day that really kicks off the summer season.  I am thoroughly enjoying my time at home and couldn't be more thankful to be served a hot meal every night!  I've been spending lots of time with my wonderful parents and a bit of time with my baby sister (she's still in school until next week).  I'm taking a maymester statistics class right now so my mornings have been occupied, but it leaves me with the rest of the day to do what I please!

Since I've been home I saw Kenny Chesney in concert with my best friend! Along with Eli Young Band and Eric Church.  

We had a blast and the music was superb!  Not to mention I'm going to the Darius Rucker concert in a few weeeeeks! Eeeeee!

We spent a wonderful day honoring my sweet momma!  She was thoroughly pleased with all the gifts she received!

     Other than that I've been doing my class, going to doctor appointments, and getting into the groove of living at home again.  Which has been wonderful but definitely a transition!

     With summer officially here…I want to address laziness.  Why?  Well, I'm the worst about being lazy.  I need a little reminder of why I shouldn't be and some motivation to be productive.  Now that it's summer, in my mind all responsibility goes out the window…*enter laziness*  I know that the Lord is calling me to live righteously and boldly for Him everyday, so it's absurd that I get so stagnant sometimes.  I also know I'm not the only one who takes the summer "off" when it comes to the most important relationship…a relationship with Jesus!  Hopefully I can shed some light on the situation and offer a bit of advice!

     I am all for rest and relaxation, don't get me wrong!  But there's a way to relax while still bringing glory to God and doing something with your time to further the kingdom.  Over the past few weeks while I've been getting into the groove of being finished with the Spring semester I've observed how I've been lazy and what helps me to curb that laziness.

1) Utilize the morning
     For starters, it's important to get up by 9am.  It's summer, and if you don't have class or work, it's totally acceptable not to be waking up by 7am.  Past 9:00 though, I find that I wake up groggy and I've wasted a good portion of my morning.

2) Prayer and study FIRST
     Before turning on the TV, before leaving for work or class, before starting in on Facebook for the day, before reading the newspaper… read the Bible!  Get into the Word.  Pick a book or a group of books to work through and make that a priority.  If you don't have an hour to spend in scripture before getting out the door, try to spend at least 10-15 minutes in prayer.

3) Limit mindless entertainment
     Do your best to put a time limit on the amount of things you pass the day with.  In the summer it's easy to get caught up in your favorite TV shows, spending hours on Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc.  It's important to place a limit on these things and vow to make productive use of your time outside of them!

     Well that's about all I have on laziness.  These are some REALLY simple things that can quickly turn your summer from lacking in motivation to making disciples!  It's not these specific actions that are going to make disciples though, obviously.  I believe these things will grow and nurture your relationship with Jesus, which by nature causes your heart to desire to spread His kingdom more!!

Hope you had a GREAT memorial day weekend!


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