Hello Sweet Cheer: 25 Before 25


25 Before 25

Hi friends!

     Today I want to launch my "25 Before 25" bucket list!  Now that I'm only a short four months away from completing my 20th year and moving into my 21st year...I want to really start making the most of it!  These are some super fun years so I want them to be rich in love and joy!  Of course my goals and desires will always be to love Jesus with all that I am and share the Gospel with those around me...but these twenty-five things would be fun add-ons, for sure!!  Here's to making them happen!

Graduate from college
Get married
Travel somewhere I’ve never been
Live on my own - without roommates
Get on a consistent workout schedule
Take up a new hobby
Go on a girl’s trip with my college roommates
Pay off all my college loans
Visit the Grand Canyon
Get a massage
Meet a blogger friend
Attend ten concerts
Get a DSLR camera
Make my house a home
Participate in the color run
Do a wine tasting
Go one month without eating fast food
Play bingo at a bingo hall
Donate blood
Go to a drive-in movie with someone special
Do something different with my hair
Improve my photoshop skills
Guest blog for a blogger friend
Become an aunt and spoil my niece/nephew
Complete “25 Acts of Kindness” with Laura at Pitter Patter Art

From now on I'll have a "25 Before 25" tab at the top of my home page.  Every time I complete a task I'll note it on that tab so I can keep a running tally!  

Have a great day, friends!


  1. Looks like a great list! I've been seeing more and more of these around, and I'm trying to decide if I want to make one or not. I love lists, so it would make sense!