Hello Sweet Cheer: 4 Day Weekend Update!


4 Day Weekend Update!

Happy Monday, people!!

This weekend was especially joyous for me because...drumroll....it's not over yet!

     I got a four day weekend after my first week of work!  The girls' stepdad was home Friday and their momma is off today!  That means the nanny gets a few days off.

     Friday was mostly uneventful.  I slept in way too late, as I've gotten into the habit of doing on the weekends.  I did some blogging, read LOTS of blogs, wrote some future posts, and really just lounged on the couch.  Then I showered and got ready and went to see Monsters University with my best friend, Lauren, and her family.  It was so cute!  We loved it.  Since we both ate a late lunch we ended up going to Panda Express to grab a late dinner after the movie.  It was fun to hang out again since we've both been so busy lately!

     Saturday I got up around 10am and hit the farmer's market in downtown McKinney with my parents!  It was so much fun.  I honestly didn't even realize we had a farmer's market here, but it was awesome.  We got peaches, squash, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and onions!  We also bought some yummy toffee from a Red Raider Alum and some sticks of flavored honey to chew on!  It was a huge success and we plan to go more often!

     When we got home we ate lunch and hit the pool!  We really just can't do anything but swim around here.  We love it!  Saturday night my parents went out with some friends so Camille and I had our own date!  We went out to eat, spent a little time shopping at Plato's Closet and Target, and rented a redbox movie!  It was a sweet sweet night.

These are my purchases :)

     Sunday was church, chicken for lunch and then packing my little sister for camp!  Last night we dropped her off at the church to start the long overnight drive to Florida!  We are so excited for her and will be praying non stop.  The plan for today is to enjoy a quiet morning (mom and dad back at work, Camille in FL).  I love sitting on the back deck with my coffee and a good book!  Then Lauren and I plan to do some light shopping and maybe lounge by the pool.  And I have an aerobics class to attend tonight!

And guess what comes on tonight?!  THE BACHELORETTE.  I know, it's terrible but I'm a sucker for reality TV.

Hope your weekend was swell.  Linking up with SamiLeann, Molly and Carly today!


     P.S. How about Nik Wallenda crossing the Grand Canyon last night LIVE on national television!?!?!  That was super crazy.  While I don't at all support what they do (risk their lives constantly), I LOVED how He praised the name of Jesus the entire 22 minutes!  He even called down the authority of God to calm the winds.  What an incredible testimony!

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  1. Looks like a great weekend! I saw Monsters University too. I heart Mike Wazowski :)