Hello Sweet Cheer: 5 on Friday


5 on Friday

Now that it's finally Friday I'm linking up with Hello! Happiness, A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, and the good life blog for 5 on Friday!  Go check 'em out!

1.  4th of July is coming soon and I'm so excited!  I love BBQ's, pool time, parades, festive snacks, family fun and of course independence!  Happy almost birthday US of A!  And if you're interested in some great patriotic ideas (recipes, drinks, fashion, crafts) PLEASE head over to Little Baby Garvin.  Jessica is a holiday crazy and always has the greatest ideas to go along with the festivities!

2.  I'm off of work today and all of next week!  I'm excited for some down time and a few days in the Woodlands with my family!  Super excited to see/meet some of the ones who have been MIA for the past few years! (a few live in Germany, a few in Florida)  

3.  I recently switched from the teal color Essie nail polish I raved about a few weeks ago.  Now I'm on this light pink that I really dig!  It rocks for summer because it looks awesome with tan hands!!  

4.  I've been listening to this song on REPEAT this week.  Can't get enough really.

5.  I'm thinking about making these for the fam next week...thoughts?

There you have it!  Happy Friday friends, have a fabulous weekend!

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