Hello Sweet Cheer: Insta Friday


Insta Friday

Happy Friday, people!

     I have today off so I got to sleep in and now I'm lounging on the couch reading up on some of my favorite blogs!  Relaxation central!

This is from my Father's Day baking project I 
posted about on Friday.  Check it out here!

Coffee date with my momma on Saturday.

Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets and strawberries.
Ate this for lunch THRICE this week.

Sydney and Peyton with their mosaics!

Coffee working on math with the girls.
Sweet mornings.

If you'd like to follow along throughout the week find me on Instagram at {meremoorman}.

     And before I leave you for the weekend...I'll be scratching Insta Friday next week!  And possibly longer.  I'm planning to do a 'Five on Friday' post next week and see how it goes.  I've been switching things up a bit so I can link up with other bloggers and gain more readers!  We'll see how it goes!  Have a great weekend, friends.


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