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King of the Grill

Hi friends!

     Okay so I'm super excited about sharing the cutest baking idea for Father's Day!  I made them for my dad today because we're doing a mini celebration while my sister and brother-in-law are in town.  I'm posting about it right away so that you can do it for Sunday if y'all like it!  Here goes!

Here's the source.  I found this recipe and thought it was adorable.  I had to try it!

     You'll need brownie batter, foil cupcake liners, muffin tins, black food coloring (or icing coloring), plain frosting, red, yellow, and green candies, hot tamales, toothpicks, orange sugar and caramels.

It's pretty self explanatory but I'll do a picture by picture how to.

There you have it!  They turned out awesome!  I'm sure the dads in your life will love them.

     On the subject of dads...mine is really really awesome.  I love him so much and am incredibly thankful for his presence in my life.  I couldn't be more blessed by a daddy who sees my worth and tells me about it.  He is an encourager, protector, provider, hunter, an incredible cook and most of all he's mine.  I am blessed beyond measure by the example he sets for me...he shows me what a loving and Christ-like husband looks like.  And in that he assures me of the standard I should keep in a future husband.  So to my daddy -- Happy Father's Day and thank you for everything you do.

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!


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