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Summer Times

     It's June 11th and I think everyone is officially on summer break!  The saga of cloudy, rainy weather has finally come to an end and I'm spending every moment possible outside!  Things are seriously heating up and I'm starting to really feel like the summer season has arrived.  Finally.  I live in Texas so you'd think summer would have started a month ago...but this year it's been oddly gloomy.  At any rate, I'm just glad the weather is finally turning around!

     Since I'm home at my parents house I have the privilege of enjoying the deck, pool, and yard every chance I get!  I also haven't started my summer job quite yet so I'm having a typical high school summer...complete with no schedule, sleeping late and perfecting my tan.  As much as I love all that, I'm definitely excited to start my job next week!  In the meantime...here are some of my favorite things about summer so far!

1. Major pool time -- I'm talking every day I wake up and think, "How long will it be until I can get myself outside?"  It's usually a race to make it out before the pool starts getting some major shade.  I love spending leisure time in the sun and once I start working I'll be a little more limited so I'm taking advantage of all this play time!

2. Concerts -- Okay, if you follow me on Instagram or even read my posts regularly you know I've been kind of been a concert crazy for the past few weeks.  I'm just about as obsessed with country music as one person could possibly be!  Kenny, Eric Church and Eli Young Band at the beginning of May...and that was so good.  The Swon Brothers (a new country duo courtesy of Blake Shelton and The Voice) last Thursday.  It was their hometown concert...aka FREE...couldn't have been any better!  Then like I've already mentioned my parents, my friend Ashley and I went to see Jana Kramer, Rodney Atkins and DARIUS just a few days ago.  Summer concerts are the absolute best.

3. Mani/Pedis -- Okay so I'm a poor college student.  You can bet I haven't paid for any manis or pedis this summer.  Maybe after I start working I'll treat myself.  But for now I'm enjoying doing it myself and using fun, bright, summer colors!  This is a picture of my current fav.

                                                                                Source: macys.com via Macy's on Pinterest

4. Road trips -- Alright, I'm really not usually into this kind of thing as much as others are.  That would of course be due to the fact that I've endured the 5 hour trek from Dallas to Lubbock and Lubbock to Dallas multiple times a semester for the past 3 years!  It's totally not fun...especially when I'm by myself.  But once summer hits and the trips have a bigger pay off...as in vacation...they become a lot more fun!  So far I've only taken one this summer...which was to Muskogee, OK to see The Swon Brothers!  But I'll be headed to Houston for July 4th and who knows what other spontaneous trips will come about!

5. Cold beverages -- Alright so no...I'm not 21 so I'm not yet going to rave about the greatest hard lemonade or summer spritzer.  Trust me, that day will come.  At this point though, I'm really enjoying my red tumbler full of peach tea, strawberry-orange-banana punch or a good ole Dr. Pepper.  When I'm by the pool I usually go with some kind of flavored tea.  Yum!

While that sure doesn't cover everything I'm loving about summer...those are some of my favs!  Hope your break is starting off with a bang!


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