Hello Sweet Cheer: Thankful



I'm thankful for memories.

     Thankful that they exist, thankful when they're clear, thankful when I can feel or smell or hear the things associated with a specfic memory.

     I love to talk about my life.  People think I'm crazy.  Some probably think I'm really into myself.  I'm sure some think I'm annoying.  Regardless, I really don't care.  I talk about things because I love the memories!  I loove to reminisce and look at pictures and just remember the things and people I love in life.

     With that I'm mind, let's go with this.  I'm thankful for my childhood!  Let me tell you, I was a sassy little girl (and I obviously still am) with a big big heart.  I have this sweet family who loves me and has shown me for the past 20 years (almost 21!!!) that I have value!  And even in the times I was very unlovable (which was a lot) they loved me through it.  

     As a kid I had the opportunity to go to summer camp at Camp Buckner in Burnet, TX.  My two older sisters went too and we all have such find memories of that place!  (i.e. the golden bowl, the ketchup song, Comanche vs. Apache wars, singing TAPS, fruits of the spirit song, etc).  I could go on forever!  I love when my sisters and I are together and we just talk and reminisce.  We sing and laugh and remember those super fun times!  And for those who are interested... here's the first verse and chorus of the ketchup song.

"I'm like a bottle of ketchup
With a slow pourin' blues
In the race to come up empty, Lord
I just don't wanna lose!

So pick me up and take my cap off Lord
And turn me upside down
Take your hand and whack my backside Lord
And pour me on the ground

Cause I wanna be filled with the Spirit
I wanna be useful and FREEEE
I wanna be filled with the Spirit Lord
Til I'm all empty of me!"


     So my childhood was basically picture perfect.  If it were a movie it'd have no climax.  I'm not sure why this is what's in my mind today but it is!  Maybe because my baby sister has been at camp all week (a different one than I went to) so the memories are flooding back!

     I also like to remind my older sister of the time she dropped me on my head as a baby (intentionally, might I add).  I blame that incident for all my craziness.  It's also fun to remember all the times my sisters video taped me talking in my sleep, tried to give me all their junk disguising it as gifts, and of course the many many times I brought them glasses of water late at night.  So yeah, being the 3rd out of 4 wasn't ALWAYS the greatest.  ;)

     But the memories are priceless and I'm forever grateful that they are pleasant!  While we're on the subject of childhood, I know I'm blessed.  I know not everyone has good memories of theirs and I want to acknowledge that.  I'm lucky to have the family I have and blessed that my experiences are positive!  Hence the reason why I'm so dang thankful!!!

I hope your day is fabulous!  The weekend is almost here!

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