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Trust Without Borders

We're halfway through the week, people!!  Yay!  The weekend is slowly creeping in...!

Not to mention next week is........

Eeeeeeeee! (one of my fav holidays y'all)

     Today is usually "Wordless Wednesday" but right now I'm inspired.  I have lots on my mind and things to share.  These are the moments I'm so thankful to have a blog!  I love getting to write and write to my little heart's content.  Not to mention let other people read it and ask for their feedback.  I'm  getting excited just thinking about it!

     As most of you know I'm home for the summer and in August will be heading back to Lubbock for my last year of college.  That's super crazy.  It's unbelievable, scary, exciting, and crazy all at the same time.  I'm thrilled about spending my last year with some people that I really love, serving in a place I really love, hopefully impacting lives for Christ, and getting to experience all my "lasts" in a city that will forever be "where I went to college".  And sorry, but I'm definitely gonna get a little bit somber because as excited as I am and as much as I can't wait to be finished with school I. Am. So. Scared.

     Yep.  I admitted it.  I know I talk a big game about graduating and getting the heck out of there, but this is for reals, people.  I'm terrified of the thought of graduating college and suddenly having to find a job to support myself, start paying for everything on my own, get involved at a church ALONE, make new friends ON MY OWN.  Everything will suddenly become open ended in life and I don't know how to handle that.  It's no boogie-man-under-the-bed kind of terror, but I'd say it's pretty significant.  Last night as I was reading through all the blogs I follow, I came across a song I adore.  First of all, Hillsong United is like...um what?  Totally amazing.  I've loved them for a few years now and this song too but it came at just the right time.  I'll let you listen and then I'll expand.

     So as I was laying my bed last night and this song began to play, I just felt peace.  There's really no other way to explain it but I felt an overwhelming calm.  The lines that really get me are:
"Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior"
     And if you know me well you'll laugh because after the first time through I just kept playing it over and over and over.  I am so afraid of what will come.  Of all the responsibilities I'll pick up in less than a year.  Of everything new that will happen in my life.  And all I want is to be able to trust God in all of those things.  I pray that I would trust Him in the plan he has for my future (even when I think mine is better) and the things He is calling me to.  While all of that is super unknown and will probably always be scary, I'm learning what it means to have trust without borders.  My prayer is that I would trust with reckless abandon!  That I would worship and pray and live and glorify with reckless abandon!  I want the Lord to take me deeper than I can even fathom.

     So if you feel so inclined, pray for me in that.  I'm really working through what that means and what it looks like in my every day life.  Pray that my love for God would overwhelm me to the point that I want nothing more than to abandon my heart to Him in everything I do!  And I pray that anyone and everyone reading this would be impacted by it in some form or fashion.

As always, thanks so much for reading!  I really really appreciate all the support.

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