Hello Sweet Cheer: Twin Tuesday


Twin Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Be happy the dreaded Monday has come and gone!

     Today I'm posting from my phone.  With my new job it's going to be a challenge for me to get my posts written the night before and posted before I leave in the morning.  I made it happen yesterday but I couldn't swing it today.  But here I am writing, as my two sweeties, Peyton and Sydney, watch their one TV show of the day!

     You may have noticed...I titled today's post "Twin Tuesday".  I'm sure I'll be posting about the girls and the things we find to do on any given day of the week but I'll sometimes reserve Tuesdays for an entire post on them and how the job is going.

     They're just too sweet.  They're well behaved and love each other a whole lot.  They giggle constantly and it's so much fun to be around!  Sisters are special and these two sure know that.  Yesterday was my first day and we had a ton of fun doing math and reading activities, going through a bible story/devotional, playing barbies, doings arts and crafts, and just enjoying the summer.  I am definitely excited for the day we leave the house and run off some of their energy, though!  I'm especially stoked about taking them to the pool sometime soon when the weather heats up!  It's already pretty warm but it's also humid so we can't be outside in that.  Way too icky.  Sorry if you're from Houston :)

     I'm really excited about what this summer holds with these two cuties!  I'll try to share pictures soon.  I haven't cleared permission with their mom yet so if she says yes I'll post tomorrow!  For now I'll leave you with a picture of what I ate for lunch yesterday.  A good ole kids meal for this big kid!

Mickey Mouse nugs and strawberries!

Have a great day, lovelies!


UPDATE: I got approval from mom...

This is Sydney.

This is Peyton.

Aren't they the sweetest?

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