Hello Sweet Cheer: Weekend Update: Poolaholics


Weekend Update: Poolaholics

Good morning!

Sami's Shenanigans

     Well it's Monday and I start my summer job today!!!  Finally!  I'm super excited about hanging out with the girls and can't wait to begin to get to know them better.

     This weekend was wonderful.  My family and I spent not one, not two, but THREE full days by the pool.  It was glorious.  Here are a few clips from when we were poolin' it up.

     Friday my sister and brother-in-law came into town.  We did the whole pool thing obviously...my dad made ribs!  Major yums.  And he LOVED the brownies I made!  Such a success.  He got to open a few gifts early...one in particular was the coolest, greatest looking, outdoor cooler!  Needless to say, we filled it up quickly!  So fun.  And seven hours later the ice hadn't melted at all!

     That evening was another chill night.  My parents are still doing their dance class so I get to relax in solitude on Friday nights!  Saturday was a lot of fun.  We watched the CMT Hot 20 Countdown...like we do every Saturday morning!  Then my mom and I did some shopping and even went down to Allen and had a quick coffee date!  Loads of fun.

Speaking of Allen...that place is ritzy!

     Saturday evening we had some family friends over...the Potts family...and I got to see my sweet Robbie.  He's basically the brother I never had.  We've grown up together and I love him dearly.  It was super fun to get to hug his neck and catch up a bit.  Here's a quick throwback just to prove how close we are.

     Yesterday I went to church with my parents (since it was Father's Day) and like I said earlier we spent the afternoon in the pool!  Right after church, though, we went to Sicily's for lunch.  Our family's very favorite restaurant in our town!  Here's a quick clip.

     Last night I did a ton of laundry, got everything done for my aerobics class and finished preparing for the first day of work!  If you have any fun craft ideas for little girls...let me know!  I'll be trying to find some fun things we can do this summer outside of the normal stuff.  Hope your weekend was as great as mine!  And I hope you gave lots of hugs to the daddies in your life.


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