Hello Sweet Cheer: Weekend Update


Weekend Update

Hi friends!

     I've been doing some work on the blog for the better part of today and I wanted to give a bit of an update on what's going on.  I gave it a little face lift today...which took quite some time...but I'm so glad I did it!  I'm so much happier with the way it looks now!  I hope you guys are too.

     I've also been brainstorming how I want to format my weeks for the summer.  I follow tons of blogs and something I'm seeing a lot of lately is "Weekend Update".  This seems very appropriate for the summer months and could even spill over into the fall!  I like it because it gives me a chance to take the weekends off and focus my blogging on Monday through Friday.  I can do an easy, fun post every Monday with an update about what the weekend held for me!  That way I can keep the length of my Monday to-do list at bay.  Who likes Mondays anyway?

     Here's my summer blogging goal...I really don't want to post it, in case I can't make it happen...but I guess this is accountability!

Monday - Weekend Update
Tuesday - Free Post
Wednesday - Wordless
Thursday - Thankful
Friday - Insta
Weekends - OFF

Okay...like I said I don't know if I'll achieve this completely, but I'll put my best foot forward!  


     This weekend was a lot of fun!  I had class on Friday and spent the afternoon getting ready for some friends to get into town!  Matt and Ama Martinez are some precious friends from Lubbock and it was so fun to see them!  

     They had a wedding in Dallas so they were at the rehearsal Friday night.  While they were gone I went to dinner with one of my friends from high school, Ashley.  It was great to just chat and spend some time together.  Also, that night my youth kids in Lubbock started their journey to HAITI!  To the Mole...where my heart still lies...!  I'm so sad I can't be there with them but I'm so excited about what God is going to do through them this week!  Check out their daily blog updates at molehaiti.wordpress.com.  

     After the rehearsal they came back to my house along with Greg and Malissa Jeffreys!  If you've been reading for some time you know that Malissa and I lived together during my sophomore year of college and she's now married!  Her and her husband just moved to Dallas so they got to come over for a few hours and it was WONDERFUL.  I loved getting to see them!

     Saturday, Ama and I went downtown for lunch and did a little shopping!  It was grand.  They left for the wedding around 4pm and I spent the evening hanging with my parents!  Here are some fun pictures and videos from my afternoon.


     Sunday was a great day, too!  My family and I went to church...and while my parents went to their life group I went over to my friend Carson's house to hang out for a bit.  It was relaxing and just what I needed for the afternoon!  After I got home my sister and I got some froyo with my mom and hung out a bit!  It was a glorious Sunday.


Tomorrow is my stats final and then I'm officially done with academics until AUGUST!  I'm a happy girl!  Hope your weekend was as eventful as mine!  


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