Hello Sweet Cheer: July 2013


Wordless Wednesday

Funny story...for another day!  Happy Wednesday people!!


Nanny Confessions

Hi friends!

     A few weeks ago I said I would start posting a little bit about the girls I nanny!  I guess today is as good a Tuesday as any!  Sydney and Peyton are such a joy to take care of!  They are so much fun and they play so well together.  I really love spending time with them which makes my job so enjoyable!

     Being a nanny is a lot of fun.  It's tough and tiring but it's very rewarding.  I love getting to put my mothering personality to super good use with these sweet kiddos.  I'm good at it and I always feel like I'm doing something productive.  It's not always the laundry, dishes or preparing lunch that feels like an accomplishment, though.  While I do love crossing things off a to-do list, the best part of my job is the relationships I get to build with children.  I love getting to be such a huge part of their day to day life.  I like that I get to teach them things and watch them change and grow throughout my time with them.  Their little personalities are precious and I get to see those grow too!  The girls teach me things every single day.  Sometimes small, sometimes big.  Even though they're just seven years old they display selflessness, love, compassion, concern, encouragement, and so much more.  Their relationship is like no other sibling relationship I've observed at this particular age.

     Their love for one another sets a wonderful example for me.  Without even knowing it they show Christ's love to each other in ways I could stand to learn quite a bit about.  They are constantly compromising and are almost always concerned about their sissy.  Sydney will drop what she's doing just to talk to Peyton when she's upset about something.  Peyton gives up her desires to make certain that her sister is going to be okay.

     Of course they are still seven year old kids and they are by no means perfect!  I still have to discipline them from time to time and break up little arguements.  Those things are to be expected with this job but it doesn't take away from anything that their relationship teaches me!

     Some of you moms out there may think these things are normal, but let me tell you...I've encountered a lot of children in my life and these two are special!  I love them so much and am blessed to have this summer to get to know them.  I have four weeks left with them before I go back to school and I know it will be hard to leave.  It was heartbreaking to leave Aden and Morgan back in May and now I'm going to have to do it all over again in a few weeks! :(

     But for now I want to enjoy being with them and learning as much as I can from their precious little souls.  I pray for them daily in hopes that they would one day take ownership of a relationship with Jesus.  I see such God-given qualities in them already and I just pray that the Lord would overwhelm their hearts with his redeeming love.

Thanks for reading friends!  Kids are kool.



Weekend Update

Well happy Monday, friends!

     I am FINALLY getting back into my routine of getting a post up before the work day begins!  Thank goodness.  It's been too hectic not to do it this way!  I hope you had a SWELL weekend.  Mine was just superb.

     Like I've mentioned multiple times before, we have two Chinese students staying with us right now!  They are a lot of fun and this weekend we wanted to let them see our town a bit.  On Friday we went to an early movie before having some family friends over for BBQ and good chats.  We saw Turbo and let me tell you it was just the CUTEST!  I loved it and the girls enjoyed it too!  Dinner was great and I took a little night swim all by my lonesome which was actually really refreshing.  It was a good time to relax and let my mind rest.

     Saturday morning we got to sleep just a little and my mom made egg casserole for breakfast.  We left the house about 10:30am and headed for the Farmer's Market in downtown McKinney!  We showed the girls around, they took some pictures, we saw a HUGE great dane (he was so sweet), we met a "famous" cat named Chester, walked around the shops downtown and all around had a really fun morning!

I'm not sure why he had something over his mouth because let me tell you...he was the sweetest dog!  My dad started petting him and he just laid his head right on my dad's hip!  (Yes his hip! This dog was huge)

     We went home to eat lunch and take a quick rest before taking the girls over to a pool party hosted by another family from our church.  A good portion of the Chinese students were there and the girls loved seeing their friends!  Later on that night we had a dinner planned with some of my parents friends at Trail Dust.  We ate way too much, the girls and my daddy went on the slide, and we did a little bit of two stepping.

Candy with a sweet pup at the pool party!

     Sunday we went to church and then spent the day taking naps, doing laundry and getting the girls ready to go to camp this week!  They are headed to Collin County Adventure Camp to continue learning about Texas and the US, spend some time in the sun and hopefully hear the Gospel preached again and again!  I'm so excited for them; I know they'll have so much fun!

     I'm super excited about this week because I have something to look forward to!  I'm headed to Lubbock this Friday and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Number one, I get to see my precious friends Abby and Hillary...number two, we get to move into our new house...and number three, I love being in Lubbock!  I'm super excited about going back next month so this weekend trip will be a good way to tide me over until I move back for senior year!

Have a great week!


Insta Friday + the 5

Linking up today!

1) I took a selfie with some ducks the other night...

2) This mansion exists in McKinney, TX.  Hard to believe, right!?

3) We are LOVING our time with Linda and Candy.  We are getting to know them better every day and having so much fun learning about China!  They are such sweethearts.

4) Today we are going to see the movie Turbo!  I'm super excited.  It looks so cute!

5) I got my nails done last week with my little sister and I tried something new!  I got a colored acrylic and I love them!  I kind of chose a bold color, but I thought it's summer, who cares?!  :)


Happy weekend, people!!!  Hope you have big plans like we do!

P.S. I miss my roomie besties so much! Four weeks until senior year officially begins!


Thursday Ramblings

Happy Thursday, friends!

     I hope today finds you well!  To all you bloggy friends who read…can I just say how much I LOVE to write?  I feel like you can relate to this love and joy that comes from getting thoughts down, posting them, and having people read and give feedback.  There aren’t many things I love more than sitting down with my laptop to type up a new post.  After almost two years of blogging I still find things to write about…does that mean I talk too much?  ;)  Don’t answer that…

Anyway…on to today’s post!

     Today I’m hurting.  My heart is broken over the subject of death.  It’s one of those things we all deal with in life and we all know it isn’t fun.  I’ve had two people close to me pass away in my 20 years; my sweet uncle and my grandad.  This summer I’ve observed from afar death after death.  Whether it’s been in my community, in a neighboring community, or a family member of someone I love.  I’ve heard news stories of teenagers’ lives ended much too soon, lives lost due to freak accidents, and heard about many loved grandparents leaving this world.  

     While my heart hurts in these tough situations, I am reminded of the great urgency with which I should be sharing the Gospel.  The reality is that I grieve differently for those I know are in eternity with Jesus and those I am not sure about.  I want to know that the ones I encounter in my life are immediately in heaven upon death.  (2 Cor. 5:8)  Not just for my sake, but for their sake.  I want the people I love to know my Savior!  I want my friends and family to experience the joy and compassion I find in Jesus Christ.  In this season of life where my attention is heightened to the tragic and untimely deaths that happen every day, the Lord is stirring in me an even more intense desire to know Him, love Him, share His Gospel with others!  

     In all this, I can't help but miss my Grandad.  He died in 2006 right before I entered the ninth grade.  He was such a joy to be around.  He was pretty sassy and always made me laugh.  But I am overjoyed to think about what he is experiencing in Heaven with Jesus right now!  

     Death is something I'm not sure I'll ever reconcile with while I'm on this earth.  It's easy to say that there's comfort in knowing my loves ones are in heaven, which there is...but the hurt and confusion that goes along with it is still something I have to grapple with.

I hope you're having a fabulous week!


Weekend Update: On a Tuesday!

Hi friends!

     I was absent from blogland yesterday...I had a bit of a crazy day!  The girls I babysit were still at their dad's house but I went to work to start packing up some things.  They are moving to a new house soon and needed a bit of help starting the packing process.  Anywho...

     My weekend was superb!  On Friday I got my phone switched out!  Now my lock button is in full functioning mode!  It actually makes a big difference so I'm happy to have it fixed.  

     Saturday I slept in a little later than I desired and then my family and I started cleaning house!  You see, we were preparing for guests!  For the next three weeks we are hosting two Chinese girls at our home.  My parents' church does a program called China Camp where students come and take lessons, learn about Texas and the US, go on field trips, etc.  This week they go to the church every day for lessons, games, and hanging out with their friends.  Next week they'll go to a sleep away camp where they'll learn all about the different holidays we celebrate here.  The week after that they'll go on a bunch of field trips to fun places in the Dallas area!

     Anyway, the girls staying with us are Candy (14) and Linda (13).  They are so sweet and we've loved having them so far!  We're getting to know them and can't wait to show them around McKinney this weekend!

                 L-R Linda, Candy

     So that's pretty much what Sunday consisted of...church and then waiting for the girls to get here!  I'm off for the rest of this week so I'm hoping to be productive!

Happy Tuesday, people!!



Insta Round Up + 5 on Friday

Happy Friday!  The weekend is finally upon us!  I think I'll spend some time by the pool and lay on my couch...

#1: I'm getting a brand new phone today!  My lock button doesn't work on my iPhone 5 so I made an appointment at the apple store and they're actually just going to replace the whole phone!  Free of charge, might I add.  What a steal!

#2: I'm so in love with my dog.  I never wanted to be that girl but I totally am and I ain't afraid to say it!  Meet Zoey.

#3: We're hosting two chinese girls at our house starting Sunday (through my parent's church)!  They'll be here for the next 3 weeks!  Their American names are Linda and Candy.  I'm super excited.  They sound like such sweeties!

#4: My roommates and I realized we got THREE couches for our house...all for free!  Oops, we only need two!

#5: I super duper miss my sweet friend Kelsey.  She lives in Colorado with her hubby and I'm missing her so much lately!  Love her to peices.

Insta Round Up!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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The 7th Inning Stretch

     Alright I don't really know that much about baseball (I'm a football girl through and through) but I thought this was a good analogy.  Maybe it's terrible but I'll do my best.

     It's that point in the summer.  It's that time when boredom sets in.  I'm ready to be back in Lubbock with my besties, living it up for my last year of college!  I move into my new house in two weeks and I'm getting anxious!  Quick rabbit trail... here's some of my inspiration for our new pad!  Disclaimer: I have roommates so of course I don't just get to do whatever I want in the house...it'll be a group effort!  Also, I'm not the most design savvy of the group, these are just things I like!

Bedroom - this, this
Coffee bar - this, this, this
Common areas - this, this, this

     Anyway, as you can tell I've spent some time on Pinterest and I'm super excited about moving in soon!  Back to the 7th inning stretch.  I'm getting bored.  There I said it!  I really do love summer a whole lot, but I'm really starting to miss my friends in Lubbock.  And I'm oddly missing going to class...yikes!  I'm ready for more weekends like this...

And this...

I'm ready for hang outs like this...

And of course weekends full of all this...

And I miss finding random selfies on my phone

And I could really use a B-Bucks date with my gals!

Oh and I can't wait for more fun birthday celebrations!  This one was a huge success.


     I guess today's post was a good throwback thursday and a bit of venting about where I'm at!  How's your summer going?!  Are you feeling that almost-but-not-quite-over-craving-fall type of thing?  I sure am!  Happy Thursday!