Hello Sweet Cheer: "F is for Friends Who Do Stuff Together..."


"F is for Friends Who Do Stuff Together..."

Happy Thursday people!

     Since it's Thursday I'll continue my series called "Thankful Thursday".  I think it's super important to reflect on our lives, recognize the things we are blessed with/by, and thank God for them!  There are so many things...I could just make list after list after list about what I'm thankful for!  But since that would take forever I'll pick one!

     Today I want to spotlight two dear friends who I'm super thankful for!  Meet Lauren and Ashley.  These are the two girls who I've spent my summer with.  They are the two friends from high school that I've kept most in touch with!  We hang out on a regular basis and I've been loving getting to be in their lives more consistently this summer.

     Lauren and I are the best of friends.  We always have a blast when we hang out!  She goes to Clemson University in South Carolina, so we only see each other a few times a year plus summer!  Thankfully I'm living at home this summer and so is she. We're getting to hangout a lot before we both go back to school, then graduate and start our adult lives!

     Ashley and I met my junior year of high school, which was her sophomore year.  We were officers together my senior year and she went on to be captain the year after I was!  We definitely got close during my captain year and have only gotten closer since!  Sometimes it's hard to keep up a friendship that existed solely within a school activity since it began.  I think we've done a pretty darn good job staying close and I just love my time with her!

There you have it.  These two sweet gals will be in my life forever, that's for sure!

Who are you thankful for today?!


  1. Cute post! I am definitely thankful for my friend Sam, who I've known since 7th grade (13 years now). Thanks for reminding me of what a blessing friends are. Its easy to get wrapped up in work and home life that you forget!

    1. Yes, so easy to forget! Thanks so much for reading!